Ode to Obama

This is sung to the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee” (hat tip to Larwyn)

My country,’ tis of me,
Sweet land that gave you me
Of me I sing;
Land that my father tried,
Went home to Kenyan bride,
From every mountainside
My praises ring!

My native country, me,
Home of the Ivy League,
My name I love.
ANWR we must not drill,
To me a temple build,
Up Matthews leg a thrill,
I am above.

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Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

Hat tip to Tom (Walter) Jennings for this…

This letter was written by Charles Grennel and his comrades who are veterans of the Global War On Terror. Grennel is an Army Reservist who spent two years in Iraq and was a principal in putting together the first Iraq elections in January of 2005. It was written to Jill Edwards, a student at the University of Washington , who did not want to honor Medal of Honor winner USMC Colonel Greg Boyington. Ms. Edwards and other students (and faculty) do not think those who serve in the U.S. armed services are good role models.

To: Edwards, Jill (student, UW)

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The Gospel of Barack

I just had to post this brilliant piece “He ventured forth to bring light to the world” by Gerard Baker of the Times Online UK. This is the most wonderful piece of political satire I’ve read in years, although I’m sure the Obama Mice will begin quoting verses from it. Enjoy and please pass this on.

He ventured forth to bring light to the world: The anointed one’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a miracle in action – and a blessing to all his faithful followers

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Stop Romney

Folks, we have got to stop McCain from picking Romney as his running mate. BizzyBlog has a great post explaining “The Case Against Mitt Romney: What He Did to Massachusetts.” Please go to this blog and spread it wide and far and contact the McCain campaign and warn them against selecting Romney.

Also read this article by Gregg Jackson titled, “Obama Considering Romney As V-P Choice: No, McCain Considering Romney As V-P Choice: The Former A Better Fit”

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Automatically Under Suspicion

I remember watching Hannity and Colmes last year when the Reverend Jeremiah Wright was a guest and Sean Hannity was trying to question the senior pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ. Reverend Wright asked Hannity if he had read any of Dr. James Cone and others books on black liberation theology and implied if Hannity had not then he could not really question the reverend.

I took the liberty of ordering three of Dr. Cone’s book and just finished reading Black Power and Black Theology and I’ve written a column about it at the New Media Journal. It is titled “Automatically Under Suspicion” and I would encourage you to send it to all the Obama mice.

The Love of a Father

Yesterday was 10 months to the day we lost Eddie. I love my son with a love unexplainable. I read about it in the Bible, but the Heavenly Father’s love for His Only Begotten Son makes my love for Eddie seem so small. And then there is the love of an earthly father who would do anything for his earthly son. This video shows such a love.

Please pass this on.

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September 10, 2001

How many of you remember what you were doing on that day? I actually do; my wife and I were looking at a car and met a nice young man named Davey. On our way home we decided to buy the car and Karen said, “Make sure you let Davey sell it to you.”

The next morning I drove Karen to work. I had yet to find employment after retiring from the Army two months earlier. I stopped by the dealer and they said Davey would be in around 10 am. I took a drive over to Destin to kill some time and decided to stop at a Tom Thumb and get a cup of coffee.

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Monday Musings

So where do I start?

First off, for anyone who believes that same-sex marriage is legal anywhere in America, it is not. My friend and brother-in-Christ Gregg Jackson has been sounding the alarm against executive tyranny for two years now and he has published a hard-hitting piece on Townhall.com titled “Same Sex “Marriage”: Illegal in All Fifty States.” Please pass this far and wide and if you live in California you need to mobilize like never before my friends.

Second, there are many, many emails swirling around about Senator Barack Obama’s birth certificate and the possibilities of it being a forgery. Some of the speculation is that Obama is not a natural born citizen which precludes him from running for President.

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The Putrid Perfumed Prince

I am very grateful to Frank Salvato for publishing my article at the New Media Journal on such a short notice.

Last night my good friend Mark Levin had me on his show and we discussed General Wesley Clark. I told Mark I was working on an article, actually it was only a concept at the time, and Mark said as soon as it was published he would link to on his website.

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