Spoiling Your Witness

A synonym of honesty is integrity. Random House Dictionary defines honesty as “truthfulness, candidness” and integrity as “honor, uprightness.” A common definition for integrity I learned in the military is “doing what is right when no one is looking.” In fact, two leadership characteristics the Army instills in its soldiers are honor and integrity. King Solomon knew the importance of both:

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Revealed From Within A Conscience

In this postmodern world we’ve been led to believe that truth is relative and that what is right for you may not necessarily be right for me. We cannot legislate morality is a favorite mantra of secular humanists. If you look at most of today’s media, politicians, business, and society in general, it’s hard to argue that absolute truth exists. But just because it does not exists in a culture does not mean it does not exist. It simply means that culture has rejected absolute, aletheia truth as a standard.

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A Standard of Truth and Honesty

If we are following the aletheia truth wherever it leads, a characteristic that should become prevalent in our lives is honesty. Truth and honesty go together like Christ and holiness. Remember that God is Truth and His truth is not limited. This is how God proclaimed Himself before Moses:

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Truth Is Your Truest Friend

If you Google “least trusted profession” you will find politician either number one or two, at times second only to a used car salesman. I would like to defend the few used car salesmen I know; they are honest men and I trust them.

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The First Principle Of Political Action

All of you saw the reply that Dr. Alan Keyes sent out in response to yesterday’s devotional. I must apologize for not keeping your emails private when I built my new devotional group list, but then each of you got to personally read Dr. Keyes’ words. I’ve since made all emails private.

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A Reply From Dr. Alan Keyes

I received the following reply from Dr. Alan Keyes to my devotional “Despairing of Everyone.” You can read more of Dr. Keyes’ brilliant writing at his website, “Loyal to Liberty.” It is linked under my Citizen Action links.

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes

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Despairing Of Everyone

Aletheia is a Greek philosophical word that means truthfulness that corresponds to reality. This means we can trust Biblical, aletheia, truth because it is true and it is real. It is undeniable. Do people deny this truth? Of course, but it does not make it any less true.

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Blessed To Their Spiritual Advantage

It occurs to me that if we are to go forward with declaring and defending the aletheia truth, then we must ensure we are following such truth. There are many doctrines out there about salvation and I want us to look at Biblical salvation. For if I am to reach Christians, I must ensure that is to whom I am speaking. Does this mean you can only receive these devotionals or join our venture in three weeks if you are a Christian? No, all who seek the aletheia truth are welcome.

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A Monstrous Problem

I was once told by someone, and no doubt you’ve heard a variation of this, that he did not need to go to church because he had a personal relationship with God and he just did church at home. What do you say to that? God simply had me ask this person a simple question: “How’s that working out for you?” Silence was the answer.

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According To Their Real Character

Why is our nation in the state it is? Many blame this political party while that party blames the other party. The church blames the atheists and the atheists blame the church. Seems like there’s a lot of finger-pointing going on these days. The concept of personal responsibility long ago left American society with Dr. Spock’s admonition to not spank children, the government enabling bad personal behavior, and the mainstreaming of immorality, just to name a few.

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Never Water Down The Truth Of God

Our new venture that we will be launching on July 5th is dedicated to pursuing and defending the truth wherever that may lead. Now that is easier said then done. As the pressure to be pragmatic gets greater, the more opportunity you have to compromise on aletheia truth.

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We Have Made Lies Our Refuge

Absolute truth is a casualty of the times. Postmodern thinking has made moral relativism the norm for most of the western world. Absolute truth, known in the Bible in the Greek as aletheia, is scoffed and scorned at by secular humanists inside academia and our courtrooms across America. That was not always so. The Lord willing I feel lead to spend the month of June looking at aletheia truth in preparation for a new venture we will be launching on July 5.

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