Hating God Haters

I have a sin to confess. I hate someone. His name is Mikey Weinstein. He is a God-hater. He is president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and has made it his mission in life to remove Jesus from the military. He makes military leaders quake in their loafers. I try to focus my hatred on his actions, but my wicked heart and flesh rise up in hatred towards him.

It is okay to hate the vile actions of men, but we are to love all men regardless of who they are. Hatred towards men never produces fruit; love brings an abundant harvest for the glory of God:

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Absolute Truth – To Set At Liberty Those Who Are Oppressed

We have looked at absolute truth—the aletheia truth—and we see that Jesus has taught us we can know it and that we can be set free by it. It was His mission…it is the Christmas Story!

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Absolute Truth – The Truth Both Heals and Nourishes

How many of you know what the Hyde Amendment is? Oh, you’ve heard of it, but do you know what it is? It is named after the late Republican Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois. In a nutshell, by manipulative law, it says not only can you kill your unborn baby if you were raped or conceived in incest, or a doctor certifies your life may be in danger, but also WE the People of the United States through our elected officials and tax dollars will pay for that abortion.

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Four Questions For America – Question 3

In this next segment Bro Dennis addresses what I have been calling for at my devotional for quite some time.

It is long past time for pastors to begin preaching the unfiltered gospel truth.

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Four Questions For America – Question 2

This segment is less than 6 minutes long, but as Bro Dennis likes to say:

It’s chock-a-block full of good stuff.

This next question is addressed to the politicians and if Bro Dennis had been addressing a joint session of Congress 99% of the 535 backsides would have been squirming in their seats.

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Four Questions For America! – Introduction

As you know I have long proclaimed the need for pastors across America to preach God’s Word unapologetically and unashamedly. If we can find pastors willing to boldly preach the Word and comment on today’s societal ills, perhaps our county can be saved.

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More Than My Necessary Food

In this day and age of appetite suppressants and obesity, the last thing most Americans need is an increased appetite. Physically speaking I definitely don’t need my appetite increased.

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Not Unworthy Of The Name

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Accommodate Their Discourses To The Times

NOTE: Truly I was not fully conscious when I wrote yesterday’s email/devotional. Mike is not in Afghanistan; his location is not important only his mission. Wendy is not the name of the wife of Keith Green; it is Melody. I knew better on both accounts; I plead lack of sleep.

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Confronting The Spin On The Fort Hood Massacre

Folks, if you remember the coverage of the Fort Hood shootings, you saw a media, including FOXNews with Shepard Smith primarily, refusing to call the attack was it was.

Well there is a new media outlet that some of you are very familiar with because my late son Eddie’s articles were published there as have many of mine.

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Tyranny on Thursday?

Many of you have asked me about the upcoming federal court hearing for Pace High School Principal Kenneth Lay and Athletic Director Robert Freeman. Their hearing will be this Thursday, September 17, 9am in Federal Court, Room 4 North. The Courthouse is located at the intersection of Garden St. and Palafox St., Pensacola, FL.

Map to Courthouse

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Not Giving Up Anything

On March 2, 2009, the School Board of Santa Rosa County, Florida met “to address a lawsuit against the board regarding religious activities within the school district.” Mr. David Marsey, Sniffen Law Firm, “emphasized that the district is not giving up anything; we will simply be complying with the law.”

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Simply Abolished Your Right

    …the Supreme Court’s cases involving the religion clauses are hopelessly complicated and riddled with inconsistent conclusions. But there is one conclusion we can draw: The Supreme Court has simply abolished your right to the free exericse of your religion in public. And unless the courts are called to account on this, religious freedom in this country is seriously damaged.
    (Mark Levin, Men in Black, pgs. 35-36)

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