On the Radio

I wanted to share with all of you my Christmas Eve interview with Jerry Hughes on his show Straight Talk, on the Accent Radio Network. Jerry is always so insightful; a complete gentleman and challenges me with great questions. I had to break it up into six segments and below are the first three. I’ll be posting the last three in a day or two. I hope you enjoy the interview and please visit the above websites, including Jerry’s Blog.

Part 1

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Stop and Think

As I write this, there are barely 62 hours left in 2007 and with all that is left in this year and what we face in 2008, I wanted to invite you to join me in a moment of reflection. What’s important to you? My dear brother in Christ Scott Malensek shared with me that he wanted “to do better…to take actions that benefit others, and thereby better myself by helping others.”

What a magnificent goal! Scott would admit that he didn’t stumble on some new profound truth, but that he took the time to relearn some old lessons. I’m praying that Scott writes the New Years message he discussed with me in an email. It will bless all of us and start us off on the right foot for 2008. (No pressure Scott!)

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An Invasion from Heaven

Many read the Christmas story found Luke 2:1-20 as a family tradition. I would like to look at some other Scripture passages about Christmas that are not so familiar. I want us to look at some passages that will help us to better understand the significance of Jesus’ birth, which is why we celebrate Christmas.

In Luke 4:16-22 we read:

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On the Radio

Well I’ll be on two shows tomorrow. The first show is Detroit’s News/Talk 760 WJR-AM “The Great Voice of the Great Lakes” with Frank Beckmann. Frank’s celebrating his 35th in broadcasting and I am honored to be asked to be a part of his Christmas Eve show. I’m scheduled to appear at 9:20 EST, which means 8:20 my time here in the Florida Panhandle and for all my family in California, that means a 6:20 start. I’ll do my best to get an audio clip to share with you. You can hear the show online at WJR’s website.

Later in the afternoon, 3-4 pm central time, I’ll be making my third appearance on The Jerry Hughes Show on the Accent Radio Network. Jerry has graciously ask me to close his show in prayer my last two appearances and Jerry is a great host and patriot. You can check out Jerry’s blog known as Jerry’s Internet Outpost.

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Moran the Moron

Dictionary.com defines moron as “a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.” Now please understand that I am not using this word to be rude; I believe in using the English language accurately. I am using the word moron as a description, one that aptly fits US House of Representative Jim Moran from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District, which encompasses much of the Arlington and Alexandria areas.

Rep. Moran is notorious for putting his foot in his mouth:

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Romney is a Rogue

The American Standard Dictionary defines a rogue as “an unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.” Dictionary.com defines a scoundrel as “an unprincipled, dishonorable person,” and a rascal as “an unprincipled, dishonorable person.” Mitt Romney is all three. I know, I know, you evangelicals just don’t like him because he’s a Mormon.

Let’s review, shall we? I said in my post “Make Believe Mitt” that I found Governor Romney to be “a phony” and “as despicable as they come in politics.” Well it seems as though FactCheck.org agrees with my assessment. This organization catalogs how Governor Romney is using “misleading description” when comparing his record as Massachusetts’ governor and Governor Huckabee’s tenure in Arkansas.

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My Latest Article

In case I missed you in my email announcement, Frank Salvato was once again gracious to publish my latest article, “His Best Christmas Ever.” This article is about my son Eddie, who was killed three months ago today, and I’ve dedicated the column to my daughters Tiffany and Becky. This Christmas is going to be different not because Eddie isn’t here but because he is THERE!

God bless and Merry Christmas!

Make Believe Mitt

How is it that so many conservatives are fooled by Mitt Romney? Is their fear of Hillary Clinton so severe that it has blinded these folks to follow after someone who is such a phony? Am I the only one who sees Romney as despicable as they come in politics? If you were going to cast the stereotypical politician, you would use either John Kerry or Mitt Romney as your template (both from Massachusetts by the way).

Gregg Jackson put it best in an email he sent me earlier today:

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Quick View

So much going on in the presidential race and news being made by the polls, it’s easy to find yourself “knee deep in the hoopla.” What with “Omentum,” “Huckaboom,” “Romney is a Conservative,” “Hillary’s Sorry,” “Fred’s Fizzle, “Rudy’s Ruin,” and a host of other news story, what’s a voter to do?

Simple…get out of the news bubble. Here’s my take on some of this mess and for full disclosure I want everyone to know that I am supporting Fred Thompson for President (There! I said it!!)

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Christmas Dinner for Our Troops

I want to invite my readers to join me in helping out our soldiers in Hawaii. I personally called this concerned Army wife, Sue Ollar and confirmed that her email is legitimate. I will be putting a check in the mail to buy a soldier a $40 voucher so his or her family can have Christmas dinner.

If you cannot afford the $40, then you can purchase a Hawaiian holiday ornament for $5 and the proceeds will go towards this worthy program.

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A Good Guy Wins

Well this post is about sports in one light but about life in the bigger scope. Tim Tebow, quarterback for the University of Florida Gators football team is the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. The Heisman is awarded to the best college football player in the country. What makes Tim Tebow a good guy is not that he won the Heisman Trophy, but how he accepted the award. Please watch the video below of his acceptance speech:

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Huck’s Unholy Dance

Well it looks like Mike Huckabee has finally entered the rarified air of front runner. I’m sure he’s finding that it is actually harder to breathe the higher you rise.

Charles Krauthammer has written a blistering column titled, Huck’s Unholy Dance, which is about Mitt Romney’s speech. Governor Romney gave what I thought was an overall decent speech to defend his faith, both the faith itself and his dependence upon it.

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