Spiritual Captivity

bound-with-chains-of-the-spirit-and-of-men11Our nation is under spiritual captivity. I was reminded last night that here in Northwest Florida on Memorial Day Weekend, designated to remember our fallen military in times of war, Satan celebrates the highest form of human depravity. On Pensacola Beach, homosexuals celebrate Gay Memorial Day Weekend and rename Pensacola Beach to Sexacola Beach.

We have witnessed in our nation, Democrat lawmakers praying and thanking God for increased governmental abortion funding, making abortions more accessible, and for doctors that murder unborn babies. They celebrate “the blessing of choice,” meaning they are thanking God for being able to choose to kill their unborn baby.

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Every Thing Really Hurtful

Will_Of_GodHow can I know God’s will for my life? I get that question a lot from Christians. I’m currently working on a book on the subject, but I’m going to give you a sneak peek. I always answer that question with a question. Are you doing right now what you know God wants you to do? The responses, particularly facial expressions if I’m talking directly to them, are varied. Some people get it right away, which then bring different responses. Other people immediately say yes without really thinking it through. So let’s pretend this is your question and now I’ve answered you with my question.

Are you doing right now what you know God wants you to do? King Solomon warned:

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The Revenue of the Wicked

greed-moneyYesterday I was part of an email conversation that was discussing the coming collapse or correction to the market and how to prepare for it. The conversation brought me back to a verse I read last Saturday that just rose up from the page and I know the Lord wanted me to write about it. King Solomon wisely wrote:

    “In the house of the righteous there is much treasure, but in the revenue of the wicked is trouble.” (Proverbs 15:6)

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Divine Favor

prayer-for-divine-favour-of-godDivine favor is another word for God’s grace. Unfortunately when you do a web search for “divine favor,” some disturbing things come up. The first three websites have to do with gaming, magic and witchcraft. Mixed in and out of the choices is an occasional reference to God and Jesus. Such is the state of the world.

When you look at the state of our union, many words have been published as to its ills and the remedies to aright this ship called America. However, every remedy offered presupposes a righteous and virtuous people. So if the key ingredient to returning America back to her original founding is righteousness, should we not turn to the Bible for the answer? Indeed we should!

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When Good Men Die

waiting-on-godEvil seems to be winning and it is definitely on the rise. What used to be shameful is today just the ordinary. We shake our heads in disbelief and disgust and wonder what has become of our nation. The late Adrian Rogers once put it best; our nation has lost its ability to blush.

And evil is becoming more and more bold as was evidenced last week in Austin, Texas where abortion supporters were singing praises to Satan to mock Christians. This may be a surprise to some, but this is not something new:

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What Would They Believe About Jesus Christ?

Human BibleYesterday my pastor asked us this question: “If your life was the only Bible people read, what would they believe about Jesus Christ?” I’ve asked God to make that the preeminent question in my life that I must answer daily. By my actions and attitudes, what am I telling the world about my Lord and Savior?

When I am asked about spiritual things, do I make Christ the center of my answer pointing people to their need for Him, or do I water down my answer and just make it about “God”? Do I inform them of the unpopular exclusivity of Jesus Christ?

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Examining Our Consciences

bible-magnifying-glassOne of the greatest ways to protect our consciences is to salve it in pragmatism. We believe because something will work that is it a righteous act. Far too often the opposite is the truth. The late, great lion of the faith Adrian Rogers once said in a sermon that, “It is high time we stop asking will it work and start asking is it right?” Amen Brother Rogers!

We think because we do good that what we do God will bless. God will not bless if we do not do what He wants us to do:

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Generous In Our Behavior To All Men

love your enemiesSo baby murderer Kermit Gosnell has given up his right to appeal his sentence “in exchange for avoiding a possible death sentence,” CNN.com reports on its “Justice” web page. You may be thinking, some justice that this murderer gets life after taking so many innocent ones. I know exactly how you feel.

However, I want to go back to what I wrote yesterday:

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A Time For The Redressing Of Grievances

Brass Scales Of Justice Off Balance, Symbolizing Injustice, Over WhiteYesterday Kermit Gosnell was found guilty on three of the four charges of baby murder. Much rejoicing was seen on social media and some not so Christlike comments followed on. While I understand the desire for vengeance, no one fights this urge greater than me, we must remember that we have a God of justice even when injustice seems to rule the land. Solomon reminds us:

    “Moreover I saw under the sun: in the place of judgment, wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there. I said in my heart, ‘God shall judge the righteous and the wicked, for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.’” (Ecclesiastes 3:16-17)

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Makes Men Forget All Pity

GoodEvilLast night I presented this question to my social media followers and blog email list:

    “What does the Bible think about social issues? Is it inclusive and welcoming? Is it concerned with limiting its ability to attract young people and others, including many women, who agree with the Bible on some but not all issues?”

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Cause To Rejoice Or Mourn

So once again we are watching the circus live and in color on our television sets. The stage? Congress and the White House and the looming fiscal cliff. It is amazing to see after what was called the most important election of our lifetime that nothing has changed in Washington D.C. All the old leaders are the new leaders and you could not fill a bus up with those serving who are righteous in the sight of God. It reminds me of the old Rolling Stones song “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” where it ends with “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

I was asked by some, and accused by others, if I was looking for perfection in a candidate. My answer to both is I am looking for righteousness in our public servants. Those, whether or not they are Christians, who have a sense of responsibility to their electorate and more important to “the laws of nature and nature’s God.” As my buddy Steve Deace always says, “We want people of convictions, not positions.”

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Disobeying God To Save America

That’s the topic of this week’s The Truth Newsletter. It seems that we can not only break God’s 6th Commandment, “You shall not murder,” but we can also disobey God’s 8th Commandment, “You shall not steal.” You can do these things if America’s survival is at stake. At least that is what I am being told by Christians and a Tea Party Leader.

I obviously have a very strong opinion about this that most of you could probably state verbatim. However, my opinion in and of itself means nothing if it is not grounded in Biblical truth. God’s 2nd Commandment is the second longest of the ten and I think it is most overlooked by American Christians. I know for me it is the commandment hardest for me to keep because I allow so many things in this world to become an idol. Here’s what God wrote:

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Righteousness – It Guides A Nation

A nation without a moral compass is one devoid of liberty. Any country that allows the wanton enslavement, murder, and taxation of its citizens is one in violation of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God. The purpose of government is to protect the unalienable rights of the people. What does that word, unalienable mean (now known as in modern English as inalienable)?

Random House Dictionary defines it as “not transferable to another or capable of being repudiated.” Rights cannot be given nor denied by the government. Any law that violates the unalienable rights of the people is an immoral law; it is an un-law. John Locke was a 17th Century philosopher who greatly influenced our Founding Fathers. He wrote this about natural law and natural rights:

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Make A Man A Hypocrite When Religion Is In Fashion

Imagine the man who is part of an exclusive cigar and cigarette club. Membership in this club is prestigious and profitable. It is prestigious because society looks upon you as someone with clout, someone part of “the in-crowd.” it is profitable because other members are able to connect you with business associates and clients simply because you are a member of this club.

There is only one problem with being in the this club: it is literally killing you physically. You’ve seen the medical evidence of the effects of smoking and you’re beginning to experience the physical ravages of smoking.

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Hateful In The Sight Of The Holy God

How many of you believe that the Founding Fathers had in mind Satanism and Wicca when the First Amendment was drafted?

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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Partial In Judging Ourselves

This week is Sanctity of Life Week. In my newsletter The Truth, I write about what it will take to finally defeat the scourge of abortion. This morning I want to look at a much deeper-seated issue than abortion; one that is personal for each of us.

As you look across our country you can identify many a problem with our nation. Wise men have said that these are merely the symptoms of the real cause of our problems in America. Many rightly ask, “How can we expect God to bless America when we murder 3,000 babies a day.” They say this is the deep-seated issue of our nation.

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Delightfully Detached

My sister Minji (given name Mary) wrote yesterday in response to our devotional on the last conceit to go and said she has been struggling to understand her “artist self”, lately realizing that we never really understand ourselves. As we said, only God understands us. Minji is realizing a great freedom in losing herself instead of the exhausting fool’s errand of trying to find oneself.

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A Standard of Truth and Honesty

If we are following the aletheia truth wherever it leads, a characteristic that should become prevalent in our lives is honesty. Truth and honesty go together like Christ and holiness. Remember that God is Truth and His truth is not limited. This is how God proclaimed Himself before Moses:

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A Reply From Dr. Alan Keyes

I received the following reply from Dr. Alan Keyes to my devotional “Despairing of Everyone.” You can read more of Dr. Keyes’ brilliant writing at his website, “Loyal to Liberty.” It is linked under my Citizen Action links.

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes

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