60 Minutes Rooks Rove

I can’t remember the last time I watched 60 Minutes; I don’t think it’s been since I returned to the States in 2001. Anyway, the latest “big story” from the CBS Chop Shop was how Karl Rove personally ruined the poor ol’ honest Democratic Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman. Here, take a look (13 minutes and 38 seconds in length):

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David Jeffers, author of “Salt and Light”, is a lay preacher, retired Army Master Sergeant and author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of Liberty University where he received his degree in Biblical Studies, Dave frequently comments on the Evangelical perspective of current affairs in the media. Dave has published numerous articles on The New Media Journal and appears regularly on talk radio shows around the country.

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Journalistic Malpractice

I did not believe my loathing for the New York Times could get any deeper than it has.

From warning terrorists of our secret wiretapping program to running the despicable MoveON.org Betraeus Ad to “Smearing Soldiers,” the NY Times barely hides its attempts to undermine America.

Well, they no longer are attempting to hide anything; in fact they are boldly showing how they are single-handedly manipulating the 2008 elections. Tomorrow the NY Times is publishing what most conservatives knew was coming, the long-awaited hit piece on John McCain. Now that McCain has all but wrapped up the nomination they are bringing into question McCain’s integrity and speculating on an alleged affair the Senator had with a lobbyist.

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Defending Liberty

I owe my readers an apology. On January 5, 2008 in a post I wrote titled “The Real Reagan Conservative” I promised to continue my analysis of all the GOP candidates in light of the definition of Reagan Conservatism. Since we have only Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and the presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain left, I want to address this subject from a different angle.

I’ve been reading my recently purchased copy of Barry Goldwater’s “The Conscience of a Conservative.” When I ordered my copy from Amazon I thought I was getting a later version, but much to my delight I received an original copy, complete with what appears a bite out of the front edge of the book and yellowed pages. The original printed price of fifty cents on its cover makes the $18.43 I paid for the book all the more valuable, thanks to the Invisible Dogg (the seller).

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Liberal Christianity Intensifies Radical Islam Threat

Michelle Vu of The Christian Post has written an excellent article on the effects that liberal christianity is having on the threat of radical Islam. Michelle interviewed Patrick Sookhdeo, the director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity and a former, and Mr. Sookhdeo states:

If the U.S. church goes the way of Europe and embraces liberalism in its theology then it will embrace liberalism in its life…and if it embraces liberalism in its life then the church will die and not only will the church die, but society around it will also die.

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How Conservatives Can Reclaim the GOP

Rene Guerra has written a nice recipe for a conservative resurgence in the Republican Party. You can read his article “How Conservatives Can Reclaim the GOP” at the New Media Journal.

Guerra states this in the article: To that effect, starting at the county level, conservatives must agglutinate together in 501(c) 3 associations to constitute an organized base of operations in each county of the nation. Those county conservative associations would have as their two main functions to work as (a) conservative-information clearinghouses and (b) conservative-activism hubs.

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Illuminating the Left

So far the last posting is bring some well-thought out comments.

I need all of you to do me a personal favor; I want all of you to buy a book by Buzz Patterson. It is titled, War Crimes: The Left’s Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror.

First of all, Buzz used part of Eddie’s letter Hope Rides Alone, but more importantly, Buzz outlines how the Left is doing everything in its power to make sure we lose the war on terror. I cannot personally allow that too happen; it cost my family too much.

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McCain Musings

So, with Mitt Romney out and Mike Huckabee needing to win 83.3% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination, does anyone doubt that John McCain will be the Republican nominee? I will be writing in the near future on what I see as the cause of the state of the Republican Party and what “We the People” can do about it.

Until then, I’ve posed some questions that I am inviting everyone to post their comments and you can throw out other food for thought. Let’s get the dialogue started.

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Wading Through The Results

Briefly, looking at the Democratic Super Tuesday outcome, delegate count went to Clinton but momentum clearly is in the Obama camp. I watched him again last night and oh how I wish he was a conservative. If I did not know about his radical socialist leanings (which the large majority of his supporters do not), I would gladly vote for this guy. Alas he is the Republicans worse nightmare. If Hillary wins we have a great chance of defeating her and if she wins the White House I think she’ll only serve one term. Obama, however, could be our President for the next 8 years. That means we conservatives must energize to defeat whoever is the Democratic nominee.

Too much information and not enough time this morning to do extensive analysis of the GOP outcome, but obviously John McCain had a big night as did Mike Huckabee. I actually estimated McCain to have 880 delegates; he currently has 613 with only 59 (56 McCain; 3 Romney) of the 170 California delegates awarded. McCain could easily reach 700 by time the counting is done.

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Preliminary Primary Picture

Many pundits had McCain wrapping up the nomination tonight after his victory last week in Florida. I told my brother-in-Christ and fellow writer J.B. Williams that while McCain would come out of Super Tuesday the front runner, he would be a long way from wrapping up the nomination.

As of 10pm central time McCain is a long way away from wrapping up the nomination and may come out with only 600-700 delegates, much less than the 881 I estimated he would have.

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Ann’s Absurdity

NewsMax.com has an interview of Ann Coulter conducted by Phillip Brennan titled “Ann Coulter Vows to Stop ‘President McCain.”

In this interview Ann states: “McCain’s record is as bad and liberal as Hillary’s.” The American Conservative Union rates Senators McCain and Clinton’s 2006 legislative voting record 65 and 8 respectively. While I agree that Senator McCain leaves much to be desired when it comes to the conservative agenda, to equate McCain to Clinton’s liberalism is at best a stretch and at worst hysteric hyperbole.

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The Absolutely Absurd Ann Coulter

Who would have thought on February 1, 2008 the GOP would have all three strong conservative candidates out of the race for over two weeks, and remaining are John McCain/Feingold/Kennedy/Lieberman, Mitt Romney who transformed into a conservative right before our eyes in the last year (although his record is suspect at best), a populist in Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul…well, you know.

Yesterday I was writing about the chaos in the conservative movement and today we have moved into the absolute absurd. Watch this video:

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