Well, the World Series is over and not only is Joe the Plumber paying attention to the election, but so is Joe Sixpack. The everyday hardworking American who is striving not for a handout but a chance to pursue the American dream without government intervention.

Zogby has a new one-day poll today, and the last few days of the campaign is where you see these polling companies get their numbers tight because they do this for their livelihood and that cannot afford to be way off. Check out the headline from the Drudge Report:

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Not a Freudian Slip

Barack Obama did not let out some dark secret when he told Joe the Plumber that he thought it was a good thing “to spread the wealth around,” it is a part of his public record. The YouTube video below is an interview that then Illinois State Senator Obama did in 2001 with Illinois Public Radio.

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No Time for Our National Anthem

(Hat tip to Felicia Benamon for this)

One of the greatest ways to judge a person’s character is how he or she manages his or her time. Things that are important to that person will always get top billing while others not so important, while albeit “regretably” not being done, will be tossed to the side.

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Conservative Contaminant

Read Palin’s Failin’ and then please return to this post:

This is as pathetic as anything I’ve seen Peggy Noonan write. I used to greatly admire her work; I still do her old stuff. Her biography on Reagan “When Character Was King” is her seminal work. However, from her and the rest of the northeastern conservative elites with their hidden resentment of us folks who drop their “g’s” when we talk is castigated not because we don’t like caviar or sip champagne, it’s because we don’t speak like adults in public.

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Howard Stern

You read that right. The only person who could be considered mainstream or liberal who is doing decent journalistic work on exposing the Obama Mice is Howard Stern. Please do not misunderstand me; I do not watch nor do I condone the large majority of what Howard Stern stands for, but he did a great job at displaying much of the voter ignorance.

Hat tip to my friend Dino who sent me a link that had this video on it.

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The October Surprise

A lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania questions Senator Barack Obama’s natural born citizenship. I posted here a while back that because Obama was born in Hawaii, his citizenship status is not in question. If, however, the allegations in this video are true, then indeed the Democratic Party and the mainstream media should be aggressively investigating Obama’s citizenship. The fact that the Democratic Party is working to suppress evidence in this case gives great reason for caution and concern. If we cannot trust a major political party to properly vet its presidential nominee, then the press must do it for them. The fact that both entities have refused to address this issue is incredibly troubling. I saved this video to my computer so if YouTube decides to drop it off its website I will at least have a copy of it. Please pass this far and wide; it needs America’s utmost attention.

Dick Morris vs. Alan Colmes

One of the reasons I can rarely stomach Hannity and Colmes is the incessant and nonsensical political bickering that goes on this show. Now I understand it is a political debate show, but just once I would love to see Alan Colmes have an original thought where he actually speaks contemporaneously without looking at his Democratic talking points. Well none other than Dick Morris called Colmes on this very thing in H&C’s past VP debate show. I might actually watch this more often if this happened more often.