Their Souls Are Tethered To Their Bodies

A thought occurred to me the other day about American Christendom; it was more of a question. Why do Christians expect the unsaved to act like they are saved before they get saved? I know, go back and read it again. Why does the Church expect politicians, public figures, or for that matter, religious leaders to have the moral courage to act in a way only possible through the work of the Indwelling Holy Spirit?

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Tyranny on Thursday?

Many of you have asked me about the upcoming federal court hearing for Pace High School Principal Kenneth Lay and Athletic Director Robert Freeman. Their hearing will be this Thursday, September 17, 9am in Federal Court, Room 4 North. The Courthouse is located at the intersection of Garden St. and Palafox St., Pensacola, FL.

Map to Courthouse

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Just Another Patriotic Event

That’s what I said on September 12, 2001. I feared that the outpouring of patriotism and national unity would only be temporary and that 9/11 would be just another patriotic event. I fear I was right for the most part.

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Obama Not Speaking to Churchgoers

Not that I would watch the speech (I’ll read it) and I definitely will not be using my TiVo, nevertheless the White House picked an unfortunate night to talk to all Americans about healthcare. Many, many Americans across the eastern and central time zones will either be just leaving church or in the middle of Wednesday night services during Obama’s speech tonight.

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September 12 Tea Party

As many of you know and some are planning to attend, there is going to be a massive Tea Party Rally in Washington D.C. on September 12th initiated by Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project.

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Emerald Coast Conversations

A few local folks here in beautiful Northwest Florida, also known as the Emerald Coast, heard an interview I did with Ken Walsh of Cumulus Broadcasting and the host of WFTW’s Wakeup Call.

The interview was done for a show called Emerald Coast Conversations and if you missed it on any of the five Cumulus stations here locally, you can listen to it hear on my blog. We are talking about Sergeant Eddie Jeffers, my son whose life we will be celebrating at the 2nd Annual Hope Rides Alone Banquet in a couple of weeks.

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Not Giving Up Anything

On March 2, 2009, the School Board of Santa Rosa County, Florida met “to address a lawsuit against the board regarding religious activities within the school district.” Mr. David Marsey, Sniffen Law Firm, “emphasized that the district is not giving up anything; we will simply be complying with the law.”

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