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Here are the links to all my articles, from latest to earliest.


Tax Man Cometh
The Specter of Arlen
Magic McShrum
He Is Not Here
He Was My Hero
It’s My Party
For the Greater Good
America’s Real Anxiety
Automatically Under Suspicion
The Putrid Perfumed Prince
The Deep Faith of Barack Obama
Congress Over a Barrel
Grim Fairy Tales
Recession-Proof Racket
Hillary is a Liar
My Little Boy Became a Man
An Evangelical’s Huckabee Hesitancy
His Best Christmas Ever
Hope Rides Eternal
What’s The Vitterence?
Losing My Religion
Victory Through Veto
Culture of Death Begins Gnashing of Teeth
Losing is Winning
Kerrying the Troops


The Forgotten War
Appreciating Anbar
My Country Tis of Thee
Ravaging the Republic (Part 5)
Ravaging the Republic (Part 4)
Ravaging the Republic (Part 3)
Ravaging the Republic (Part 2)
Ravaging the Republic (Part 1)
From Russia With Love
Unfit for Command
Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
Resisting the Resistance
Truth Need Not Apply
Congress Over a Barrel
Olbermann Overbites
Military Widows in Our Midst
Our Patriotic Youth
Good News Travels Fast?


Taking Obama at his Word on Gun Rights
The Edwards Enigma

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