All Have Come To Pass For You

Man has for so long been a promise-breaker that godly men who wanted to influence society started an organization titled “Promise Keepers.” As noble a cause that desiring to be “men of integrity” is, it is also a sign of man’s corruption. Who can honestly say they have kept all of their promises and before you speak too soon, remember to include all the promises you made to God.

Aren’t you glad that the original Promise Keeper Jesus Christ’s word is true and trustworthy?

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The Want Of Repentance

One of the biggest lies the devil will use to convince ourselves we do not need Jesus is that God and His Ten Commandments are meant to just make us feel bad through guilt. Nineteenth century American atheist Robert Green Ingersoll once said:

    “We are not accountable for the sins of Adam”

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The Vitality That Keeps Life Moving

Last night at our church’s budget and trustee council meeting, our pastor Dr. Dennis Brunet asked us what we thought we needed to do to be more effective and how we were doing as a church. Bro John Osborne encouraged our pastor to keep preaching the Truth because in these troubled economic times people are hurting and they are seeking.

I told the men that people are seeking the Truth because they have discovered that the world is a lie. All its trappings, material prosperity, financial riches, the American Dream are all a lie in the face of eternity.

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One Of Those God Things Happen Again

Yesterday I received the following response to my blog post “Come Now and Reason Together (Part 6)” from my most faithful blog commenter Carolyn down in Central Florida. She wrote:

    You know what’s funny? I had one of those God things happen again, and it is right from what you were talking about this week! I was asking forgiveness for all my anger at politics and the people lately. I mean, I know some anger is OK, but not calling names and such as I have been doing- anyway, I was praying Friday about this and asking God to help me not to sin in my anger and to keep things in perspective. I know He is in complete control and all things are working together for His purpose, and things are only happening as He told us they would be. SO, last night I was reading Psalms (been reading 2 Peter too- old and new every day) and I happened to be at Psalm 37! The part that says:

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Come Now and Reason Together (Part 6)

I want you to make a list if you can of your non-negotiables when it comes to someone you will vote for; stances you take in life that you expect to be supported by your elected representatives.

Do you already have a list?

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Come Now and Reason Together (Part 5)

Can you think of any good reason to vote for someone who is pro-choice?

How about if your principled vote today would mean that we wouldn’t have had a Ronald Reagan in 1980?

Is that the gold standard for how born-again Christians should vote?

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Loving The Scriptures

I absolutely love a good cup of coffee, especially with those foo-foo creamers!

I take delight in freshly brewed coffee; in fact I’m enjoying a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer as I write this (hey, when you’re comfortable in your manhood you can enjoy the finer things in life!).

Do I love the Scriptures in the same manner; looking forward to my first sip in the morning? Do I anticipate the sheer joy that will result in diving into God’s Word as though diving into a cool pool on a hot summer’s day? The psalmist sure did:

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Come Now and Reason Together (Part 4)

One criticism of Christianity is that is arrogant and exclusive. While I agree that sometimes Christians can be arrogant to the detriment of the Gospel, it is Jesus Christ Himself who preached on the exclusivity of Christianity.

It was Jesus who said:

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Rescued By Scripture

Has that ever happened to you? You were rescued by a verse from Scripture? I am talking you were about to do something very stupid, very sinful, and a verse comes to mind to alarm you from the danger in which you are about to enter. Did you know that was biblical? Did you know that was the Holy Spirit speaking to you?

    “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” (Psalm 119:11)

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Come Now and Reason Together (Part 3)

What do you do when as Steve describes it, the waters become murkier than they have ever been?

Who do we listen to as blood-bought, born-again Christians when a clear difference of opinion exists between two people who seemingly have the same worldview as Michael Reagan and Steve, and us for that matter?

To whom or what authority do we turn?

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Growing Up In The Bible

I received the following response from a dear sister in Christ Felicia and she wrote:

    My mom made sure to start me early and I’m thankful. I’m glad that I GREW UP IN THE BIBLE. You just don’t see that anymore, even among Christians. They just take their kids to church and think it’s all supposed to be on the Sunday School teacher to do everything and they don’t give further instruction at home. It’s disheartening. You’re right; society reflects what people are doing at home. (Emphasis added)

As God would have it today’s Bible verse I have listed to write about is Psalm 119:9:

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The More Confident Will Be My Hope

We are being told that the Bible has no place in the public arena; it is fine for you to read at home and address it within the church walls but leave that Bible stuff out of government. This is no accident. Humanist secularists have been attacking the Bible for decades because of its absolute truth and unwavering standard for living.

We look at our society today and we cannot for the life of us understand what is happening. It is quite simple actually; society is trying to fill a void left empty by the absence of God’s Holy Word. We the People are without our owner’s manual if we do not refer to the Bible, also known as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

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Come Now and Reason Together (Part 1)

Steve Deace
Steve Deace

Here is the first installment of what will be many segments that I am developing from the podcast of Steve Deace of Newsradio 1040 WHO in Des Moines, Iowa. I’ve segmented the podcast to help you follow along the reasoning that has caused our eyes to be blurred by our mind. You can hear the entire podcast by hitting this link and either listen to it online or download it to your computer.

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Eyes Blurred By The Mind

Beginning Monday here I am going to begin a series of posts that presents, dissects, and evaluates two extremely revealing interviews conducted by Steve Deace of WHO Radio. Both interviews are going to leave you chafed, chagrined, and confused. These feelings will not come from Steve; those are the feelings he has after conducting the interviews. Now Steve has great moral clarity on what happens and does a great job analyzing it, nevertheless the responses of Michael Reagan and Richard Land will no doubt cause in you the same feelings that Steve had after conducting and I had after listening to the interviews.

As I sat and tried to figure out how we had come to this place in Christian America (I know it’s an oxymoron) the Holy Spirit revealed to me that my vision had become blurred. I found this unattributed quote on the internet of that was fitting for what I was feeling: Continue reading “Eyes Blurred By The Mind”

The Key To Your Own Heart

What if I told you I knew the secret to life? If I told you that I have found the perfect recipe for success in life, the source of all joy and happiness, would you be interested? Of course you would!

I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I’m speaking of the Bible, but do you realize what a valuable gift God’s Word is? With all the confusion about how to live our lives right and seeking what is true, would it not make sense to go to the Creator and His how-to-manual? Look what the Bible says about God and His Holy Word:

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If The World Was Perfect, It Wouldn’t Be

I love that quote from the endearing Yogi Berra: “If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be.”

We all get a kick out of Yogi when he says one of his “Yogi-isms” but this one has a lot of wisdom in it. It can be translated in a number of ways, but I take it to mean that if this world was perfect, it wouldn’t be this world: it would be the new world…that is the New Earth.

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