The Freedom of Forgiveness

Oftentimes when a Christian says, “I am so blessed,” it usually means something good has happened to them. We usually don’t equate blessing with trials and tribulations; it is our natural inclination. However, I think we can agree that we should praise God when life is going well, even though we tend to forget to do so.

Do you feel blessed for having your sins forgiven? Do you equate the remission of your sins on the same level of God bringing into your life bounty and good health? Remember how you felt before you gave your life to Jesus. Remember the burden of your guilt because of the sins in your life.

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A Breath That Passes Away

Losing a loved is surely heartbreaking. Knowing that those who you love are no longer with you can seem a pain insurmountable. In the last fifteen years, I’ve lost my mother, my father, my oldest sister, my only son, and my only brother and a niece (on the same day), in that order.

All of them had something in common that eased the pain and gives hope for the future. All six of them had confessed Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Each of them understood that salvation was found only in Jesus. They came to a point in their lives where they knew they needed forgiveness for their sins.

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So That You May Know

There are times when God seems so mysterious to me. The Bible tells us that there are some mysteries that we will never know, mainly because they would be too much for our minds to process. Notwithstanding, God has made Himself known in many ways.

We can look at nature and see the hand of God. I have travelled through the Alpine region of Europe, beholding the majestic mountains and emerald green lakes. When your eyes feast upon those sights you know that this earth was not created by chance. There is a heavenly artist who has painted the beauty of nature for us to enjoy.

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Faithfully Forgiving

An unforgiving heart is a poisoned heart; it is rooted in bitterness. This bitterness is like emotional cancer running through a person’s spirit bringing grief to everyone, including the bitter one.

The ability to forgive is uncharacteristic of most people. As a species, we tend to hold grudges and desire revenge. The Bible addresses this in many places, including the Apostle Paul’s warning:

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Grace Like A Flood

One of the wretched characteristics of Satan is his desire and willingness to kill your heart. He may not be able to kill you but he’ll try to get you to the point where you see no other way out but death.

The devil is a master at deception: Jesus called Satan the father of lies. All lies germinate from his heart. His lies are rarely open and blatant. He preys on the unwitting and uninformed to bring confusion. He’s been doing it from the very beginning:

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