A Soul Upon Which Truth Resounds

I received a response from a dear sister-in-Christ to the comments the past two emails I sent out on whether or not we can vote for the lesser of two evils. Understand that this is no simple matter, voting that is. I am glad to see so many Christians thinking through all of this by questioning and searching the scriptures for answers. That is what we are called to do. In fact, I presented some questions to my pastor and interviewed him Monday night to get his perspective. Bro Dennis is the one man I trust most in this world and while I may not always agree with him, I know I will get a straight answer from him. So is the case with so many other men who bless my life. There are a few women who fit that category also. You can hear Part 1 of Bro Dennis interview at my other blog: http://www.aletheiagroup.org/?p=1088

Here are the words of one sister-in-Christ and her thought process in this election season, admittedly by her incomplete words but I believe they warrant sharing:

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Your Today Is My Everyday

Karen and I received wonderful emails and phone calls yesterday from people around the country letting us know that they were thinking of and praying for our families on Memorial Day. We don’t do Memorial Day services; that’s one hurdle we haven’t jumped over. I’m not able to go to those events. Something keeps me away. I truly do want to pay respects to our fallen heroes, but it’s just too personal for me.

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Understanding Underdogma

Over the past 3½ years since losing Eddie, one of the blessings of my life is the friends I have made. In God’s Providence and through Eddie’s article, I was able to meet and become close friends with Mark Levin. And through Mark’s radio show and my occasional appearances there, many of his listeners have befriended me. One of those friends is Michael Prell.

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Congress Forced To Vote On Sodomy For Military Members

“If DADT is repealed, sodomy should be legal…”

You can read the rest of my article at Boogai.net

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Four Questions For America – Question 2

This segment is less than 6 minutes long, but as Bro Dennis likes to say:

It’s chock-a-block full of good stuff.

This next question is addressed to the politicians and if Bro Dennis had been addressing a joint session of Congress 99% of the 535 backsides would have been squirming in their seats.

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Four Questions For America! – Question 1

Continuing with the sermon by Dr. Dennis Brunet, Senior Pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Gulf Breeze, FL, Dr. Brunet asks the first of four questions for America. Bro Dennis covers a lot of ground on this question so I have broken it into two segments.

Question 1, Segment 1

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NRO – Not Really Observant


Did the National Review Online actually endorse John McCain over J.D. Heyworth?


Here’s Mark Levin’s take on the whole subject from his Facebook page:

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Plain Speaking

Merle Miller wrote a biography about Harry Truman titled “Plain Speaking” and in it Harry’s direct and politically incorrect statements are highlighted.

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The Godly Man Ceases

We live in evil times.

The level of moral rationalization has reached a peak I never thought would be mounted in America.

All for the sake of political pragmatism.

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Crying To God

There is so much hurt in the world today and that should seem strange for those who believe in the righteousness of man. The modern world has never had more opportunity for man-made happiness than any time in history. Technology makes life faster, we have a pill for almost every ailment, and all the psychoanalysis the mind has ever contemplated.

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A Rare Breed

As a retired soldier, an amateur military historian, conservative pundit, and most importantly a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am always fascinated with the lives of Christian warriors who answer the call of duty to serve their nation in the military. My beautiful son was just such a man. Like Eddie, I love to bring to light the lives of great Christian soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen.

Beginning with Revolutionary War General George Washington and his most dependable general Nathanael Greene, to numerous Civil War generals , on through to George S. Patton, to name just a few; many Christian men have risen to the rank of general.

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Confronting The Spin On The Fort Hood Massacre

Folks, if you remember the coverage of the Fort Hood shootings, you saw a media, including FOXNews with Shepard Smith primarily, refusing to call the attack was it was.

Well there is a new media outlet that some of you are very familiar with because my late son Eddie’s articles were published there as have many of mine.

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