John 8:32

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Those are Jesus’ words from the eight chapter and thrity-second verse of the Gospel of John. Those thirteen words are the answer to America’s problems. But truth can be a funny thing because many believe that truth is in the eye of the beholder or that it is defined by current cultural standards.

That is what is known as moral relativism, which claims that no ethical system is better than another. But Jesus uses a very specific Greek word for truth – aletheia. Aletheia implies sincerity, actuality, and reality. This word is significant because aletheia is the truth that first appears when something is seen or revealed. So Jesus purposely used this word because He was teaching that this is absolute truth and is not something you can analyze and take into consideration outside factors. It is what it is.

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Deep Waters

Eighteen months ago today my son Sergeant Eddie Jeffers went to be with Jesus when he gave up his spirit on an Iraqi desert floor. Eddie was only 23 ½ years old when he died, but he had lived the fullest life of most men I know. More importantly he had touched hundreds of thousands of lives across the world with his “rant” known to the world as “Hope Rides Alone.”

Eddie’s skill for writing came from his love of books…he loved words. I remember teaching him at an early age how to use a dictionary so he could look up the meaning of words for himself. Words mattered to Eddie and your word was all he needed from you because he put much stock in it. The only way to lose his trust was to not be good to your word. Most importantly, Eddie’s words when he wrote flowed from his heart; it was literally effortless. For a man who has spent the last twenty years of my life honing my writing skills, the one thing that bypassed me and went straight to my son was his effortless ability to share his heart and wisdom. It was his God-given talent:

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It’s All Making Sense

I had to use my deepest contacts in Iraq to come up with this intel. Okay, actually my best friend Don Roberts in California sent me this video, but it is startling footage of why the transfer of power in Iraq is taking so long.

Come to think of it; how did you end up with this stuff Don? I thought you were in the construction business. Hmmm….

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Hope Rides Alone Again

My good friend Frank Salvato has decided in light of the Obama’s Administration badmouthing the Afghanistan war front that it was time to re-release Hope Rides Alone. Please click on the banner below to read Eddie’s words again for the first time.

My Message to America

This morning I was invited to speak at the War Memorial Rally in Crestview, Florida but am unfortunatelty not able to attend because of a tight work schedule. However the wonderful Christian patriot Colonel Harry Riley of Patriots for America will be reading my remarks in my absence.

Below are the words I have chosen:

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Making Magic

Do you like magic? I was always fascinated at trying to figure out how the magician did his or her tricks. Well, I have three videos that are unrelated except for they explain three mysteries that have baffled many.

The first is an actual magic trick performed by the infamous Penn and Teller:

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It Takes One To Know One

First understand that I am no fan of Keith Olbermann; in fact I loathe the man. I wrote of my disgust of this false patriot in my Talon column titled “Olbermann Overbites.” However I read a column on by Ann Coulter that absolutely flummoxed me. I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence and until now I never felt the moment worthy of such locution.

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If The Foundations Are Destroyed

(I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to post my devotional here this morning)

Here is a question pollsters like to ask: “Is America on the right track?” If I was asked this question I would ask the pollster what he or she meant by the right track? Can Americans who are polled qualify and quantify what they mean by the right track? My suspicions tell me no. Most Americans do not know what they believe much less be able to articulate what their core values are. Why is that?

It is because we live in a world where having any type of moral ruler, something with which to measure our morality, automatically labels you with being intolerant, arrogant, and judgmental. Now there are many so-called moralists running around America who are those things, however those whose foundations are built on biblical truth might be intolerant of sin, come off as arrogant because we can be that way sometimes, and be judgmental if I am comparing myself with you. Nevertheless if I stand on the Word of God I am not being judgmental because it is God who has judged not me.

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A New Declaration of Independence

Note from Dave:

While this idea of a new Declaration of Independence is not new, I have written this declaration in light of what our nation is facing today.


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The Blood Song

There is no better way to begin a week then spending Sunday with the Lord, hearing His Word preached, and singing praises to His Holy Name. And sometimes, the best worship is done by children in ways that make you laugh for joy. This video is just one of those times. Thanks to Debbie Hinkhofer for the heads up.