Come Together With Similar Objectives

NOTE: Yesterday I promised to post a letter I received from a close brother in Christ and I was not able to do so. Here it is better late than never.

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The Ready Way Is Not Always The Right Way

Right now I’m feeling a bit like Jonah the Prophet.

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Trusting Evil

NOTE: I am still working on my study of the Book of Esther and I want to be sure to do a thorough job so it will be awhile before we start on it. If you have any questions about the Book of Esther, please send them to me for consideration.
So what now?

The health care bill from the Senate has passed the House and now it must be reconciled by the upper house.

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Yes, I Called Them “Traitors”

I was on Mark Levin’s radio show last night and I made some pretty strong statements.

Please listen to the link below and then I’ll discuss it afterwards.

(It may take a couple of minutes to download)

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Lying Lips

Last night during our men’s dinner at church we ended with a time of prayer for one another around our individual tables. One of the brothers asked for prayer in trusting God to handle what is going on in our country. I completely understand his struggle and that was reinforced when I opened another email from another supposed pro-life group (this time it was the Massachusetts Citizens for Life – MCFL) urging its readers to call their congressman to oppose the healthcare bill if it did not have the Stupak Amendment in the bill.

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You Will Not Prosper By Them

If you ever find yourself at the point of false piety you need stop immediately and repent of the sin of self-righteousness. In my case my false piety was wrapped up in political pragmatism, believing that somehow God would bless my incremental holiness, because America was not yet ready for revival.

My political pragmatism caused me to think that we had to have the right man in the White House, that we have to regain control Congress, get the right mixture on the Supreme Court and then all our troubles would be swept away. The problem is we had all that and things just got worse. The American Church sadly for decades has looked to Washington for a savior instead of Calvary.

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Careless With The Truth (Part 2)

“Anyone who seeks success or greatness should first forget both and seek only the truth. The rest will follow.”
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