Jackie Mason Vlog 55 Democrats Have Gone Far Beyond Treason

Look who we have in our corner! The great comedian Jackie Mason was one of my favorites growing up. Many of you know that he is a conservative and has appeared on Sean Hannity’s show many times. Jackie has let loose a serious tirade, and I must say I was shocked at his anger. I for one do not hate (not allowed to) but my anger matches Jackie’s. Eddie would have cracked up at this video.

Fasten your seat belts!

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A Video Tribute To Eddie

Some of you may need the Kleenex, but I must confess that as I put this video tribute together and watched it three times for my final approval, I smiled the whole time. That is just an indication of how wonderful a son Eddie was. This video is for so many of you who have written me and said you feel as though you know Eddie, so here are some pictures to help.

Even though this video may cause you to shed a tear, my prayer is that it will bring you great joy. It gives me joy, brings a smile on my face, and blesses God for His precious gift of a son.

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And Then One Day

I want to share a poem, actually it is two parts, from Air Force Master Sergeant Tony Johnston. He wrote this about Eddie:

I am shocked and saddened at the loss of your son. He was part of the inspiration for me to come back here for the fourth time. When I left in May of 2006 I was a wreck. As a 44 year old Air National Guardsman with a wife and three lovely children, I thought that I had done my fair share. My work at the Air Force Theatre Hospital here had been much more taxing on my mind and on my soul than I could have ever expected. But when I read what your son had written, and his view on how important this mission is, I was reminded that I was not the only one sacrificing, and that this cause is just and righteous.

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The Devil and the Democrats

One of the comments on my last post about Adam’s email to me asked, “What do we do now?” Well, I will reveal on Monday in my tribute to Eddie’s life a call to arms. Frank Salvato of the New Media Journal will be publishing “Hope Rides Eternal.” This is not to be confused with my original email and recent posting announcing Eddie’s death. At any rate, please check in to NMJ on Monday morning (as you should be doing every day!) and read my tribute to Eddie.

While you are waiting I have some required reading for you and if you truly want to become the type of activist that Eddie is looking for, you need to read Lance Fairchok’s latest article, “The Devil and the Democrats” at NMJ. It will set the tone and help us to understand our enemy.

One Man’s View on Freedom

I wanted to share a letter with all of you from a dear brother in Christ from up in Canada. Adam Boggs was the very first respondent to Eddie’s article “Hope Rides Alone.” Some over 700 people later the Hope Family was formed and is still growing. Adam thought that what he wrote me might seem crazy, but I told him it is an inspiring tribute to Eddie. I am publishing it here with his permission:


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The Death of a Soldier…The Life of a Patriot

Well the tributes are just beginning but it seemed only fitting that our dear friend Frank Salvato at the New Media Journal should be one of the first to write about Eddie since he was the one who published Eddie.

Frank emailed me either late Wednesday or early Thursday and asked if there was a recording of Eddie having read his article Hope Rides Alone; Frank was receiving inquiries about it. I told him we had actually planned on doing so but we never did. I told Frank because of his actor’s voice that he would be the perfect candidate and I believed it would honor Eddie to have Frank read it. Frank not only did that but he wrote a stirring tribute to our Eddie that has forever immortalized Eddie’s contribution to life, our country, and to humanity.

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Hope Rides Eternal

It is with great personal sadness but joy in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I announce the death of my son Eddie Jeffers. Eddie was killed around 7 am Iraqi time from an accidental vehicle roll-over. Although our personal loss is traumatic, we know he is in a better place. All of you have been so wonderful to my son and my family and he was so blessed and humbled by your love for him. He told me this past summer after the wonderful gift you gave his wife and him that he didn’t understand why people were so generous and kind to him. You see to Eddie, he was just doing his job and what he believed was his life mission from God.

I’ve said this often; Eddie was my hero. My dear brother in Christ Rod Martin told me that Eddie died a hero for not just the soldier he was but the person. Eddie, through his writing, touched so many people’s lives, yours and you so lovingly touched ours back.

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The Bob Dutko Show

I’m sure most of you missed my appearance today on the Bob Dutko Show on Michigan’s largest Christian radio station out of Detroit, FM 103.5 The Light. Bob was a gracious host and thanks to the producer Jan for setting this up and the engineer Jerry for providing me with an audio file of the interview. Here’s the show from You Tube.

Huckabee Wins Values Voter Debate Straw Poll

The big four, Thompson, Giuliani, McCain, and Romney, made a mistake by not showing up to the Values Voter Debate in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, Giuliani was in town and did not show up.

The big four received much criticism from the likes of Phyliss Schafly, Pastor Rick Scarborough, Buddy Smith from AFA, and the Rabbi who was on the panel called Rudy Giuliani a coward for not showing up while he was in town. Janet Folger of Faith2Action stated she believed that this was a clear sign that Mike Huckabee was the clear choice for President. The rest would not commit to any candidate this early. I think that is a good strategy; keep your powder dry because there is a lot of time left.

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This Week

So much has gone on and I’m way behind; brutal week of graduate studies with midterms. The Lord was good though and I passed! I need to catch you up on things though.

As you all know, last week was probably one of the lowest moments in US military history. First, a true American hero, General David Petraeus, was scandalously smeared by MoveOn.org, the New York Times, and congressional Democrats, with a few RINOs mixed in for good measure (thank you Chuck Hagel). We need to call all our US Representative and Senators and say we will no longer tolerate such shameless behavior towards a true American Hero. Please use every possible means to voice your complete with not only your elected officials, but also Senator Harry Reid, all the Democratic candidates, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Please remember to me polite, no hatred or vitriol.

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The Father’s House

My heart is soaring! I just got off the phone with my sister Theresa Price and she is truly in the middle of God’s work.

Theresa has struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of her adult life and as her testimony reveals, it has devastated her life. She’s been in and out of different rehab centers and yet she would succumb to the demons.

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