My Hope Is In The Truth

True, False Road SignA dear brother-in-Christ of mine is running for public office and his good name is being smeared by his opponent. What is truly sad is his opponent claims to be a Christian conservative, and yet is knowingly lying about my friend. This is after he has been called on his lie by and my friend has clearly disputed the charges with detailed facts. Karen and I had to sit through these libelous ads against our friend while watching the World Series.

As I went to bed, the Lord comforted me with His truth found only in His Word:

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Reasons To Believe

Reasons to BelieveHow much evidence do you need to believe something? Our judicial system requires a jury to find a defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That means said defendant doesn’t have to prove his innocence; a prosecutor must proved the indicted person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The press and public tend to forget that important nugget of truth.

However, when it comes to God most people require of our Lord proof of His existence beyond a reasonable doubt. Random House Dictionary defines doubt as being “uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe; to distrust.” When you look at all the clues and obvious signs of God, is it reasonable to doubt Him? Not if we are intellectually honest.

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The Activity Of Faith

Leap of FaithFaith is a noun in the English language. Random House Dictionary defines faith as a “confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof.” Faith is an important ingredient in the Christian’s life. it not only brings one to salvation, but it also grows a Christian into spiritual maturity.

However, too often faith is nothing more than a refrigerator magnet, paper weight, or a bumper sticker in the Christian’s life. In order for faith to be fruitful, it must be active. It needs to be a verb. It must become an active trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The “Already” And “Not Yet”

Not There YetWe can be somewhere and have yet not arrived. Someone may ask you, “What are you thinking about? Where are you?” Of course if the person is talking to me then I am obviously physically present, but mentally I may have not yet arrived. My mind is somewhere else.

If I’m going to let go of the future and stop looking at it with a weary eye, I need to live in the present as though I’m already in the future. That may seem somewhat confusing but it was the Apostle Paul’s prayer for the Philippian church:

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Letting Go Of The Future

Letting_GoWe have all struggled with our past. Some have needed to forgive others, some have needed to forgive themselves. Holding onto the past is like shackling yourself to a heavy ball and chain. It is spiritual bondage. I have had to let go of many things from my past and having done so I have experienced spiritual freedom the likes I never thought possible.

But I also struggle with my future. I am not talking about struggling about my salvation. I long ago dealt with that by not trusting my emotions about my salvation and trusting only God’s Word. My eternity is secure and I rest assured in that truth.

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Living In The Great Until

Living in the great untilThere are days when I’m ready to give up. I look up to heaven and say, “Lord, today would be a good day,” meaning I’m ready for Jesus to come get His bride. But by nature I am not a quitter; I’m a natural born fighter. But the real good news, the gospel, is that the battle has already been won. We’re just waiting for Jesus’ “victory lap.”

    “Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.” (1 Corinthians 15:24-26)

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Banishing God’s Riches

Keep OutImagine that you are an apprentice in a certain field, and the industry’s expert has offered to train you in all he or she knows about this particular field. You immediately say, oh that sounds wonderful but there is no way I could ever afford such training. But the expert insists that this training is free to you if you agree to commit yourself to him or her and do exactly as your taught. Would it be foolish to pass up such an offer?

Christians do this every day. We have at our disposal God’s divine grace to teach us daily how to live our lives for Him. Through the indwelling Holy Spirit we are given complete access to the Divine Teacher. Through God’s holy Word we are given the instruction manual on exactly how we are to live this Christian life. And yet we either ignore or neglect both.

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