Contentedly In Condemning Ignorance

Why would someone not believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God? Why would someone willingly stay in a condemned state knowing there was not only an alternative, but also redemption from such a state? Jesus, who knows the heart of man, explains:

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Willfully Remain Condemned

The man is on death row; it’s the morning of his execution. He cannot believe that the US Supreme Court never got back to him. He knew if he could just defend himself in front of the highest court in the land, he could prove his innocence.

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Mission Possible

Last night Karen and I were watching the Food Network and we saw two episodes of Bobby Flay’s “Throwdown” where he is given an envelope of instructions. In these instructions he’s told what food dish he has to make and what chef he has to challenge. It reminded me of the old Mission Impossible episodes I used to watch as a child

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There Be Many That Despise Christ Crucified

I’ve heard very few sermons about the brazen serpent that Jesus refers to in John 3:14. However if you search the numerous commentaries and sermons pasts you can find much said. What is the significance of this seemingly obscure verse?

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Unless One Is Born Again

Before I got saved if you had asked me what I thought of born-again believers, I would have said, “Oh you mean those Bible-thumping, speaking in tongues, holy rollers? They think they’re the only ones going to heaven.”

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Qualified To Plead For Us

One of the more sad spectacles of man is when one unqualified acts as his or her own defense attorney. You can search the internet for instances of defendants defending themselves and some did average jobs, but of those listed at Wikipedia only one successfully defended himself.

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