His Justice Cannot Sleep Forever

Should evangelical politics be partisan? If truth be told all politics are partisan; we align with those of like values. However, authors Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner have published a book titled City of Man: Religion in a New Era and in the book they make the case that the evangelical movement is too involved in partisan politics. (Read article at http://tinyurl.com/28jwrro).

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NRO – Not Really Observant


Did the National Review Online actually endorse John McCain over J.D. Heyworth?


Here’s Mark Levin’s take on the whole subject from his Facebook page:

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A Family’s Love

I have the best family a man could ever ask for; an adoring wife and two loving daughters, a wonderful son-in-law and the most precious grandson in the whole world.

This past Father’s Day was incredibly special to me and I just had to go on Mark Levin’s show and brag on my family. You can hear the call at the link below:

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Not Unworthy Of The Name

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Right Angle Wackoism

If Wednesday night’s interview with Mark Levin wasn’t enough to verify the Left’s fears and Beltway dumditry (dumb pundits pontificating), wait until you hear Sharron on Rush Limbaugh’s show as she’s interviewed by Mark Belling.

I won’t tell you when it happens, but for those of you who fear us Bible-thumpers taking over America, your fears of Sharron are fulfilled. She actually, on the air and live and everything, gives God glory and…

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Wretchedly Deceive Themselves

It is easy to want to give up when wickedness encircles us. At times we want only a peaceful existence unattached to the world. We who know Jesus as Lord and Savior long to be with Him in glory. David felt this way many times and he wrote in particular about one wicked man who went to Saul to tell him David’s whereabouts. David minced no words in his condemnation:

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No, this is not a tribute you the John Lennon’s song. This blog does not tout humanist drivel.

No, Imagine is the title of Steve Deace’s latest splendid blog post.

Steve Deace
Steve Deace

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ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!

(Hat tip to Jason Zoglmann for his awesome graphics work)

Folks, it is time to get on board the Angle Express because the train is leaving the station tomorrow.

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