The Tremendous Tragedy of the Cross

Before America can experience revival, the Church must get over its obsession with cheap grace. We take for granted every part of God’s grace and mercy to the point of even denying the atoning death of Christ. Some, such as Mormons, believe that the atonement secures a physical resurrection that brings immortality but add the works of obedience and repentance to bring forgiveness.

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Will You Not Revive Us Again?

There is an old hymn titled “Revive Us Again” that Big Daddy Weave has rearranged and put a some what modern spin on it but still has the old hymnal sound to it. I love that song because I do not remember ever having sung the original hymn. The words to the song is a wonderful call for revival.

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That The Church May Abide Forever

The latest “craze” in the church today is, “We need revival!” And many a church and Christian in America is calling out for 2 Chronicles 7:14 to come true.

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