Conservative Chaos

What a mess! The two most conservative presidential candidates, three if you include Tom Tancredo, are Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter and the only way they’ll be on the White House steps on Inaugural Day, barring a miracle, would be to by invitation only.

The four remaining GOP candidates, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul, show just how fractured our party is. Let’s go from back to front:

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My Dilemma

So now that America has passed up a Great American in Fred Thompson (and I don’t use that term loosely), what am I going to do now? I’ve already received numerous emails wondering who I’m supporting.

The simple answer is I don’t know. Now I have always been a big fan of Alan Keyes and although I believe in voting for the best candidate, a candidate should have at least an outside shot at winning the nomination. Unfortunately, while Ambassador Keyes is one of the godliest leaders America has ever had, his message has never caught fire.

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Become a Fredhead

If you’re not already a Fredhead, you can join now and contribute at least $10 or even $5 to the campaign. If we come out in great numbers it will help Fred’s decision to remain. Just use the link below and thank you so much and please pass the word.

Fred08 - Contribute Now

Voting on Principle

Here is an email conversation that my dear friend Dino and I had today. It was in response to a visit to Fort Walton Beach by Rudy Giuliani; Dino was sharing how nice an event it was and this is my response followed by his:

He’s still not getting my vote. Dino, the conservative movement is dying right before our eyes. We have Ann Coulter shilling for the biggest phony in America, Mitt Romney. We have conservatives (not you) swooning over a man who although he did a good job overall running NYC, he is a morally bankrupt man in the form of Rudy Giuliani. We have evangelicals running to the Huckabee trough who is nothing more than a populist at best and a liberal at worst.

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More on Fred

Well we have less than 48 hours to pull out a miracle victory for Fred Thompson in South Carolina. My endorsement of Senator Thompson has got some legs on it and its being read all over the blogosphere, including in South Carolina.

Yesterday I was interviewed on a blog site from a student attending the Dallas Theological Seminary. Jeff Wright from the Conservative Reformed Mafia did a nice job and I appreciate him giving me the time to expound on my choosing Fred Thompson. The website may at first appear a little scary, but click on the picture from the movie Tombstone and it will explain itself.

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Romney Revulsion

Once again a definition from is in order:

Revulsion (n): a strong feeling of repugnance, distaste, or dislike.

It wasn’t more than an hour after I enjoyed an amazing Angus beef porterhouse steak grilled to perfection on my back patio, that I turn on the TV in my bedroom to watch the FoxNews coverage of the Michigan primary just in time to catch part of Mitt Romney’s victory speech.

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Taking Flak

Well my endorsement of Fred Thompson is being carried by as many as 12 main websites in the blogosphere. I have received some great questions from fellow Christians and I’ve received some hate mail from “Christians.”

Once again, if you’ve not already read it, Frank Salvato of the New Media Journal has published my article explaining why I’m not a Huckabee fan. Please read “An Evangelical’s Huckabee Hesitancy” and thanks in advance for passing the word!

Interview: Jesusland Author on What Evangelical Voters Want

Here is the interview on The Christian Post news website that I gave to reporter Michelle Vu. Michelle wrote an article last week reporting on my news release after the Iowa Caucus declaring “Jesusland Alive and Well in Iowa.”

I was unaware of this website until last week and it is right up there with World Magazine for excellent news reporting through a biblical lens. Please pass the word!

Tribute Tonight for Eddie

My good friend, brother-in-Christ, and fellow political commentator Gregg Jackson co-hosts the show Pundit Review Radio and will be on tonight on WKRO’s AM 680.

Gregg has informed me they will be saluting Eddie in a segment they call, “Someone You Should Know.” If you miss the show, Gregg promises it will be available via podcast and I’ll be sure to post it here. The show runs from 7 – 10 pm EST.

Hostile Hillary

I recall for the last couple of years I’ve been saying that Hillary Clinton is not a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination because she is not very likeable and she’s never really faced the fire. Well it seems as though both of this was on display in New Hampshire tonight.

Now I did not watch the debate, I was too busy watching the marvelous victory of the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but thanks to Matt Drudge and YouTube we can catch up on all the fun.

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Who’s the Real Reagan Conservative?

Is anyone running for president in 2008 a real Reagan conservative? How do we tell? Some voters, especially evangelicals, are ready to fold up their tents and go home! Other voters figure since there’s no more Reagan there’s no more real conservative candidate, so why vote? So what do we do in this year of limited options? First, let’s define Reagan Conservatism.

Ronald Reagan’s conservatism was shaped by Barry Goldwater’s The Conscience of a Conservative. In When Character Was King (a must read for all wannabe Reaganites), Peggy Noonan writes: …it spoke to him (Goldwater’s book). It reflected his belief that the proper stance of a patriot right now was against a bigger government and for a smaller one. Just about the only part of the government he wanted to see grow was the armed forces, because he felt America must have an unsurpassed and unsurpassable military arsenal in order to protect freedom in the world. (Bold emphasis added)

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