A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

Today is my daughter Tiffany’s birthday. Last Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of Eddie’ going to be with Jesus. We celebrated his life at our third annual family reunion banquet. Last night it struck me the differences in which we celebrate life.

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Solemn Acts Of Devotion To God Almighty

July 2, 1776 has never received its fair due. It is never called upon in remembrance of anything significant in American history, and yet it is a most epoch day. It is the day that the declaration for independence was accepted by the thirteen colonies. It is the day that the United Colonies of America ceased to exist and the United States of America became a nation.

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Understanding Involves Responsibility

Did you know that there are a lot of smart, educated people who are not very wise? I used to think that knowledge was power and in a way it is, but what is more valuable; knowledge or wisdom? What good is knowledge without the understanding to apply it to your life?

Random House Dictionary defines knowledge as “acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation” and wisdom is “the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight.”

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Not Looking Out For The Constitution

Frank Salvato, Managing Editor of the New Media Journal, has brilliantly made the above case against our conservative media. They are clearly not looking out for the Constitution when it comes to Barack Obama’s birth certificate issue.

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D.C. In August

The dog days of summer are in full swing and August arrives tomorrow suddenly and without warning.

Does anyone know what just happened?

The last 193 days have been interesting, perilous, maddening, rewarding, and…well I’m sure I could go on.

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Why Do We Trust Them?

Lance Fairchok wrote an interesting blog post at American Thinker yesterday when it comes to trusting Democrats on any issue, much less the Barack Obama birth certificate controversy.

As Lance says, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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Thank You Andrew McCarthy

A couple of days ago I wrote a somewhat blistering commentary on National Review Online’s editorial on the Barack Obama birth certificate controversy.

My intent on writing “NRO – No Real Obligation” was to ensure my readers and those of National Review Online understood the difference between a CERTIFICATION of Birth which Obama has released and the long-form CERTIFICATE of Birth that he has protected at all costs.

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One of the reasons I’m being told, from respondents and columnists, we need to not focus on the Obama birth certificate issue is because it is taking focus off of our fighting Obama’s policies. Also it seems as though some of our brightest in conservative circles are falling for the White House talking points.

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NRO – No Real Obligation

…to the truth that is.

I’m speaking of the National Review Online and their latest editorial.

There you have it! The so-called conservative leaders are doing the heavy lifting for the Left once again.

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Oh Oh Oh O’Reilly!!

Bill the Buffoon O’Reilly just had a lawyer from the Southern Poverty Law Center on who is demanding CNN fire Lou Dobbs. The Buffoon said they (I assume his show) looked into the birth certificate issue last year and they saw it and hey, it’s solved…no issue!

Add that to what Faux News did this weekend on Geraldo Rivera’s show with Ann Coulter and Mike Huckabee (just when you where winning me back Governor)…

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