I Choose to Believe

Eleven years ago to this day, I got the call that I didn’t want to hear. My son’s mother was calling me at 2 pm, and immediately I knew Eddie had been killed in Iraq. I knew this before I answered the phone, because somehow I knew this day would come. I knew this because the Holy Spirit had been preparing me for it. When I saw the number, the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart, “Prepare yourself.”

When I answered the phone, Eddie’s mom was crying and sobbed, “Eddie’s gone.” An Army casualty notification team was at her house. She insisted on calling me to tell me herself so I wouldn’t have to go through the same shock. At first the team objected, but Tina insisted. I spoke with the Chaplain on the phone, gave him my address, and told him I would be home when they arrived later that afternoon.

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Believing vs. Being

If you knew someone was going to betray you, someone very close to you in whom you invested your heart and soul, could you still love them? Could you still love them as Christ commanded and portrayed for us when He washed His Disciples’ feet?

Right before he gives an account of this amazing display of love, the Apostle John gives us an insight into the true heart of Jesus:

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Loving Jesus Like I Used To

Some like to call it backsliding. Sometimes it is simply open rebellion. For some, it can be a steady indifference brought on by a weak commitment. Jesus calls it “having fallen.”

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus gives His approval to the Ephesian church, a fantastic church by today’s standards, and yet He says:

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