My Soul Waits

America needs redemption but I believe the church is like a shopper with a box full of coupons who never shops; that shopper is just a collector. The pulpits across America say we need revival in this land yet will not preach in a manner that brings revival. Too many Christians call for revival and all the while they are looking upon lost people thinking those can be revived.

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Beauty Will Rise

As many of you know Steven Curtis Chapman and his family went through a terrible ordeal a while back. They lost their little girl in an accident; the details I will not go into. Losing a child is a terrible thing no matter the age, but losing one so young to me seems almost unbearable.

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ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!

(Hat tip to Jason Zoglmann for his awesome graphics work)

Folks, it is time to get on board the Angle Express because the train is leaving the station tomorrow.

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Me on Mark Levin Talking up Sharron Angle

Well my dear friend Mark Levin wanted me to come on the show and tell his audience what I thought of Connecticut Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal “misspeaking” about his Viet Nam service, or lack thereof.

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Hope Deferred

We have been looking at the uselessness of political pragmatism; useless because it doesn’t work to borrow a phrase from Steve Deace. When we look at the political landscape it can indeed be discouraging. We hope for greater things for our nation and when that hope is diminished we tend to despair and become desperate. Oh but we should wait on Jesus!

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A Different Breed Of People

NOTE: I want to thank so many of you for your kind notes and prayers; they truly do sustain me. I dedicate today’s devotional to John Haskins and Gregg Jackson, two men who are battling the worldliness of the church and the cancer it has become. It was they who sent me the videos below.

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How To Lose A Civilization

John Haskins is the former associate director of Massachusetts-based Parents’ Rights Coalition and former proprietor of Underground Journal. The following is a commentary he sent out in an email on May 6, 2010.

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