Awaiting Prayers

One Monday evening, our pastor told the men’s Bible study group that God’s commands are prayers waiting to be prayed. He said we could ask God to teach us how to do the things He commands. That really resonated with me: awaiting prayers for you and me.

I can imagine the triune God just waiting for me to ask Him to help with His commands. Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t even know where to start with God’s commands. Sometimes the best place to start is at the start:

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Saying What God Says

Last Sunday my pastor, Dr. Dennis Brunet, said something upon which I’ve set my heart and mind. He said, “If the Word of God says it, then I can say it.” Americans are a very opinionated people, and many Christians—me chief among them—are guilty of offering varied opinions on many subjects. God’s word has addressed many of the issues facing our nation today, so our opinions must sync up to Biblical teaching.

The immorality that runs rampant through our society today can be dealt with by turning to our Bibles:

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