Amnesty Alert

Time to man the phones!!!

Harry Reid is at it again. He is trying to push through parliamentary procedure cloture on Senate Bill 2205, which would bring DREAM Act (meaning amnesty) to the Senate floor for a vote. We need to flood the Senate switchboard and let them know we are still watching!


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GOP Still Debating

Well the Elite Eight is at it again in Orlando; I’m listening/watching it online and sometimes in my bedroom. My two favorites, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee are doing well. Gov. Huckabee is gaining more and more strength. He was barely beaten in the straw poll that the Family Research Council Action organization conducted this weekend. As is the case when you open a straw poll to online participants, you don’t always get accurate results. Those online are not necessarily evangelicals, even if they claim to be. I think the actual results from the conference participants give a better feel for how actual evangelicals feel about the candidates. Check out the results here:

FRC Action Straw Poll Results

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FRC Action Straw Poll Results

I just finished watching live over the Internet the straw poll results of the legislative action arm of the Family Research Council known as FRC Action. They hosted the 2nd annual “The Washington Briefing 2007” and there were many good speeches, of which I’ll comment on later.

Now for the results and they gave only the top four finishers. Of 5776 votes cast the breakout is, from fourth to first:

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Intemperance Towards Israel

Many are the disappointments with the Bush Administration. My greatest disappointment with the President is how he can lead in some areas with such clarity, and then in others he seems to be blinded to the truth. This is nowhere more apparent then his dealings with Israel.

Many people, so-called conservatives, in their desperation to defeat Hillary, prop up Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice as a GOP candidate for President. What do they know about her? What is her stance on abortion, same-sex marriage, taxes, immigration, is she a federalist? One thing we do know about Secretary Rice is that she has the same blind spot President Bush suffers from when it comes to Israel.

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Jesusland not Jonesing for Romney

Some of you may have seen the story about Bob Jones III, Chancellor of the South Carolina university that bears his name. Well, my most avid blogger Carolyn wrote me and asked if I had seen it. I had and I just forgot to let all of you know about it. Here is my press release that I sent out on Wednesday.

Jesusland not Jonesing for Romney

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Hillary Exposed

I know that many conservatives are fretting a Hillary Clinton Democratic nomination for president. I’m actually praying for it! No, I’ve not lost my mind; I believe in the Truth.

It was long known that John Kerry was a phony soldier and until he won the 2004 nomination, his made up military record (all the while his real one being hidden, even to this day) never got the media attention it deserved.

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Special Order #1

This is the first of many special orders that I will be issuing to members of The Ride. If we are to be “what America is about” as Eddie wrote of in Hope Rides Alone, then we need to be organized, focused, and determined.

Since my first call to Ride in my tribute to Eddie, Hope Rides Eternal, many of you have signed up and the response to “General Orders for The Ride” has been outstanding. Cliff Jones, who I am designating The Ride Operations Officer, wrote: “We are ready, General Orders in hand, awaiting more specific targets, ‘Let’s Roll!”

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Where Do YOU Go?

To be sure that we do not get too far off track, I will be posting items of a spiritual, Christ-centered nature as I feel lead by the Holy Spirit. I know I’ve shared this before, but the grace and strength that my family has been able to face with the loss of Eddie all comes from Jesus. If we were not Christians nor was Eddie, then our Hope would die with Eddie. That is not the case; we serve a Living God, a Risen King, and our Lord is active in our lives.

If you’ve not experienced this, it is my family’s hope and prayer that through all of this, in the midst of such loss, that there would be much gain in the way of many people coming to salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Someone Want To Tell Me About My Jesus!

I just sent a personal email in answer to my brother-in Christ Cliff Jones; you’ve no doubt read many of his posts on this blog. Cliff was worried about me and wanted to know how the family survived the weekend. After sending him my reply, I realized it is a testimony to the magnificent and sufficient grace of Jesus Christ that John Lauten wrote of in my last post. Please rejoice with me:

I just updated it (my blog); there are no photos that I am aware of. I’m not sure thousands showed up, but definitely hundreds. There were probably 500-600 inside the funeral home; it was packed.

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A Day of Tribute

Saturday, September 29, 2007, Sergeant Eddie Jeffers’ body was laid to rest at Memorial Gardens in Daleville, Alabama. The funeral was held at Patterson-Sorrells Funeral Home in Enterprise, Alabama and my family is so grateful for the wonderful ceremony they performed for Eddie. The family received many awards and commendations for Eddie and the presenters sincerity and shared grief was comforting.

We were told that there would be 70-80 Patriot Guards showing up on their motorcycles with American flags waving from their powerful bikes; there were 127 according to their ride capain! It was some sight to drive up to the funeral home and see all those bikes at the gas station across the street. It was so moving to walk up the sidewalk and shake the hands of some 60 of the Guards and personally thank them for showing up. It was majestic to look out in front of us in the funeral procession to see dozens of motorcyles leading the way to Eddie’s gravesite. A quick glance in the rearview mirror revealed dozens of cars following and then dozens more Patriot Guards bringing up the rear. When we got to the cemetary, the Guard were waiting for us. The Guard who broke formation and rode alone representing Eddie was a dear friend name Bill who lived across the hall from me in Heidelberg, Germany some 20 years ago and had changed Eddie’s diapers. The police escort, the blocking off of every intersection along the way, the cars pulling over, the many fine Americans standing alongside the road, all paid tremendous tribute to Eddie.

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