Dying in the Daylight

There is a saying in the entrepreneurial industry that ideas die in the daylight. What that means is someone will conceptually come up with a great product idea, but tactically they never implement it. The same can be said for the Christian walk.

As believers, we often make resolutions to study our Bibles, spend more time in our prayer closets, or share the gospel with a loved one, and yet the intention dies in the daylight. The reason that happens is we saturate our plan with human effort instead of heavenly grace:

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Living in the Now

If America is going to have a reversal of fortunes, then revival must come first. If revival is to come, it must come through the church. If revival is to come to the church, then it must come from Christians responding to the call of Christ on each of their lives. There is no other magic way it will happen. We must say yes to Jesus.

It’s been nine days since Americans decided who our next president will be, and many feel as though we’ve been given another chance. I believe this to be the case, however, my concern is that we the church will squander it. Do not confuse this mainly as a call for all of you to become more politically active. As a citizen, you should already be doing so.

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