Spiritual Preparation – Step Two

If you here expectantly waiting step two because you think you’ve complete step one, I suggest you go back and read it again. I cannot see how anyone could in a 24 hour period identify all the idols in their life, much less destroy them. Nevertheless we’ll go forward learning so that when we’ve finally abandoned our many idols we will be ready to take part in the cleansing of the temple.

Young King Hezekiah, during his first year on the throne, opened the doors of Solomon’s Temple and discovered it had been defiled and needed cleansing. It had become a literal garbage pit. The king called the priests together and told them to cleanse themselves “and carry out the rubbish from the holy place” (2 Chronicles 29:5). Hezekiah was calling for national religious reform because of what his father and Judah’s forefathers had done. They had worshipped idols. So the priests…

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Spiritual Preparation – Step One

Talk about presuming upon tomorrow! I had intended to write this yesterday, however the Lord had other plans for me. Perhaps one day I will learn! The best way I can learn is to stop presuming and start preparing myself spiritually for the future. These will not be the 10 easy steps to holiness or whatever your local Christian bookstore is selling. These are going to be four solid scriptural steps we can take beginning immediately. And as God always seems to have it, the most difficult step is first so we will rely upon His grace. Following the outline in my Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, let’s begin.

Step One: Abandonment of Idols

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We Dare Not Sing It

When was the last time you wept for your nation. Last Sunday we commemorated a day that will live in infamy for us born in this postmodern world. I wept. I wept for my son. But I also wept for my nation. We have for so long been spiritually blinded by materialism, both in and out of the church, that we cannot clearly see that political correctness has placed us in what my good friend Mark Levin describes as a soft tyranny. However the bonds of tyranny are getting stronger each day. And it is all happening right before our very eyes. Thankfully there is an awakening stirring that if properly stoked with bring the revival our nation so desperately needs.

There was a time in Israel’s history where her homeland was destroyed and she was taken captive into Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzer. The captives longed for their homeland, a longing eloquently penned by the Psalmist:

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America, Bless God

One of the songs that were sung during many of the remembrances this past weekend was Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America.” Last year Karen and I were in Foley, Alabama and saw a bumper sticker that rang true to our hearts: “America, Bless God.”

As a nation we are facing tough times. And like so many American families across this land, many of the tough times are self-inflicted through a materialistic worldview. Please understand I am not condemning material goods or wealth. What I am bringing to our attention is if our focus is on stuff, then our worldview is going to be affected in a negative way. And when we go through tough times such as we are now, we focus on what we are losing or may lose and not on what we have.

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Desiring The Gains Of The Diligent

One of the fundamental differences between political parties is how to deal with the issue of poverty. Of course one man’s poverty (America) is another man’s wealth (anywhere else). What we consider as poor in America is unimagined abundance in most other countries. In fact, what the average categorized “Poor American” or an American living “below the poverty line” person in the United States has materially is considered the American Dream for any third world person. Most “Poor Americans” are in that state because of poor past decisions and an unwillingness to take personal responsibility for their actions.

It is time to end the entitlement mentality in America. The Bible clearly teaches:

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In God I Trust

You may be thinking I have that wrong. It’s “In God We Trust” Bro Dave. Yeah, I see that on our currency but like so much relating to God in America that too has become meaningless. In fact the very currency it is a part of is becoming more worthless with each passing day.

Would to God our nation would once again trust in God, the God of the Bible, God Incarnate the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Finding Holiness

You’re back! By reading the subject line and opening this devotional may I assume that you not only desire holiness but are looking for it? Wonderful! Let’s search the Scriptures and see what we find.

Holiness is another word for sanctification which means being set apart. Set apart from what? For what? As a born-again Christian you repented of your old lifestyle and are on the path to righteousness through the saving work of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the Indwelling Holy Spirit. We are on a journey towards perfection in Christlikeness. To be like Christ there are some actions and attitudes that are acceptable unto the Lord. The Apostle Paul addressed this in his second letter to Timothy:

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