Pastor’s Perspective

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the new feature for “Salt and Light.”  I have asked my pastor, Dr. Dennis Brunet to help shed some light on very contemporary and somewhat controversial issues.  We will be exploring why evangelicals take the stands they do.  Stay tuned!

Also, if you haven’t got yours yet, you’re going to want to get a copy of my book, “Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland.”  Just hit the link on the lower righthand column and it will take you to Amazon. 

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Freedom Feels Good

Thanks again to Frank Salvato of The New Media Journal!  He has published Eddie’s latest article, Freedom Feels Good, an article that actually began as a reply to one of the responses he received for his first article, Hope Rides Alone.  Check it out; it is as powerful as the first.  Thanks again to Frank and to Greg Allen of The Right Balance for doing all they can to get Eddie’s writings out into the public domain.

As for Part 5 of “Reviving the Republicans” (no I didn’t forget), I was actually waiting on Congress to act on this anti-escalation/surge resolution so I could include that in part of the antidote to RINOs which is Part 5.  That’s like waiting on my grass to grow in the winter.

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You’ve Got To Read This!

My son Eddie is serving his second combat tour in Iraq and he recently sent me an article after seeing all the bad press about the Iraq War.  My heartfelt thanks to Greg Allen of The Right Balance for introducing me to Frank Salvato of the New Media Journal, an online magazine with excellent and hard-hitting articles.  Frank was gracious enough to publish Eddie’s article, “Hope Rides Alone.”  Frank and I will be on Greg’s radio show tomorrow morning talking about Eddie’s article.  Please tune in at 10:15 central time.  (Just hit the link for the Right Balance)