Obstinate Prejudices

Forty-eight years ago today a young man did what many an American does; he decided he wanted to go to college. There was only two problems with that: 1) he was a black man, and 2) he was trying to enter into the University of Mississippi. James Meredith did enter Ole Miss but his action helped spark the civil rights movement in the United States. Mr. Meredith wanted to force the Kennedy Administration to back its words with action, using military force if necessary.

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A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

Today is my daughter Tiffany’s birthday. Last Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of Eddie’ going to be with Jesus. We celebrated his life at our third annual family reunion banquet. Last night it struck me the differences in which we celebrate life.

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To Persist In Their Evil Deeds

The last time we met we talked of the sinner loving the darkness instead of the Light of Jesus Christ; so much so that they hate Jesus. The sinner hates the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that allows him or her to sit contentedly in condemning ignorance.

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