We Live To Fight Another Day

DeterminationLast night Karen and I had the privilege of spending election night with Dean and Jan Young and many of his loyal supporters. Dean came up short in his bid for Congress, but as he said, “The whole world took notice because we took on the GOP Establishment and scared them.” Many of his supporters were obviously disappointed and determined not to vote for Bradley Byrne because of the dishonorable campaign he ran.

What I was most proud of my friends Dean and Jan is there is no bitterness in their hearts, just a steeled resolve to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with their words and deeds. Dean told the press that he would not support Byrne because of the blatant and knowing lies he told about Dean. Byrne accused Dean of stealing money from Christians and putting it in his pocket. When Byrne was proved to be lying, he refused to retract his charges and apologize. Instead he dug in his heels. Dean told the press that Byrne would reap what he had sown.

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Living The Simple Life

SimplicityHave you ever heard someone complain that life is just too complicated to figure out? I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me. Even in my worst days, figuring out life was never hard for me. If life was complicated for me it was because I had done it to myself. Thankfully God made me a simple man; one who sees all of life in black and white, and right or wrong. I have always known that my decisions have affected my life. I didn’t always put that knowledge to good use and that is because I was lacking godly wisdom.

A simple life is one of the wonderful gifts we receive from the grace of God. In his second letter to the Corinthian church, Paul wrote:

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When Piety Decays Times Are Bad

How do we deal with the horrors wrought about the people of Newtown, Connecticut and our nation as a whole? Where do we turn to in such dark times? The ever-present punditry are spewing out their normal tripe, be it right or left-leaning, like an unstoppable sewer. Neither side has it right because each is looking to man.

It is my natural inclination to look to my own wisdom and opinion to determine the right course in such dark times but I am trying to learn to no longer rely solely upon myself. I am untrustworthy; at best I am a depraved man saved by grace and molded by the Holy Word of God. So that’s where I’ve turned these last few days; to prayer and my Bible.

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We Must Reach Them Where They Are

If you Google “confrontational evangelism” you’re going to come up with a lot of results. I want to share with you my definition of confrontational evangelism. It would probably be more in line with apologetics, which is defending the Christian faith. Most Americans, including those who call themselves Christian, are very confused biblically.

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The Principle of Vengeance

I continue to be amazed at the vitriol thrown at the jury of the Casey Anthony trial. One lady called them a bunch of idiots. No one has called the prosecutor an idiot. Has anyone considered that perhaps his smug courtroom demeanor may have been an outward sign of some pride issues? I don’t know this man nor do I know his motives, no more than 99% of the commentators do about the evidence presented in the case. I’m still awaiting eyewitness or forensic evidence that would convict Casey.

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Aletheia Group LLC

Friends, it’s finally here!

Our new venture is up and running and we want to be sure you pass the word to everyone you know!

Just click on the banner below and you can see our new website, Aletheia Group LLC:

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Understanding Underdogma

Over the past 3½ years since losing Eddie, one of the blessings of my life is the friends I have made. In God’s Providence and through Eddie’s article, I was able to meet and become close friends with Mark Levin. And through Mark’s radio show and my occasional appearances there, many of his listeners have befriended me. One of those friends is Michael Prell.

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Absolute Truth – The Pulpit Is Responsible For It

I was having lunch with brother in Christ on Monday, and I’ve shared this with my Sunday school class before, but if I had to guess if God would save America I would guess no. Can He do it? Of course He can! He is omnipotent.

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This Will Be Their Great Security

In case you were never taught this in government schools, today is the 237th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. A Massachusetts colonist resistance group known as the Sons of Liberty, lead by Samuel Adams, disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and dumped 342 chests of British tea into the harbor. This was in protest to the British Parliament’s Tea Act of 1773, which was basically the government cornering the market on tea.

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The Sin of Entitlement

This morning in my Bible reading I came across an old familiar passage that is fresh and new.

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Mission Possible

Last night Karen and I were watching the Food Network and we saw two episodes of Bobby Flay’s “Throwdown” where he is given an envelope of instructions. In these instructions he’s told what food dish he has to make and what chef he has to challenge. It reminded me of the old Mission Impossible episodes I used to watch as a child

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It Would Be Wonderful To Be Wrong…

My friend and brother in Christ John Haskins has once again written something that invaded my comfort zone. If you are a regular reader of my blog you’re familiar with John’s no-nonsense approach to the aletheia truth of the gospel.

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Four Questions For America – Question 3

In this next segment Bro Dennis addresses what I have been calling for at my devotional for quite some time.

It is long past time for pastors to begin preaching the unfiltered gospel truth.

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Four Questions For America! – Introduction

As you know I have long proclaimed the need for pastors across America to preach God’s Word unapologetically and unashamedly. If we can find pastors willing to boldly preach the Word and comment on today’s societal ills, perhaps our county can be saved.

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NRO – Not Really Observant


Did the National Review Online actually endorse John McCain over J.D. Heyworth?


Here’s Mark Levin’s take on the whole subject from his Facebook page:

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More Than My Necessary Food

In this day and age of appetite suppressants and obesity, the last thing most Americans need is an increased appetite. Physically speaking I definitely don’t need my appetite increased.

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Force The Wicked To Believe & The Righteous To Respond

NOTE: We had six guesses for Dwight D. Eisenhower and one for Gerald Ford. The book I got the quote from attributed it to Ford; however, the Ford respondent did some research and found that it was Ike who actually said it during WWII. A copy goes to our first Ike respondent and to the Ford respondent for her diligence to pursue the truth.

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Not Unworthy Of The Name

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