I Don’t Wanna Fall Away From You

Keith Green
Keith Green

I have had a Keith Green song running around my head for at least a week now and I just have to write about it. It has been ministering to me, reminding me that no matter how far I may stray, Jesus is always waiting for my return. I feel like such a failure when I let my Jesus down, when I forsake Him for this world and this song reminds me of God’s faithfulness no matter what I do. I am thankful that when I grieve the Holy Spirit the Lord always draws me back to Him.

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The Manhattan Declaration

No doubt by now most Christians have heard of an ecumenical document titled, “Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience.”

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Are You Thankful? (Part Two)

Personal Reasons to be Thankful

It would take easily three pages for me to list my personal reasons for being thankful. I could fill those pages with my family and friends. I am so blessed with such a loving family and friends that this alone is reason enough for me to be thankful. I have a lovely, godly wife, two wonderful daughters, a hero son who is with Jesus, a godly son-in-law, a precious grandson, a loving church family, and an extended family spread throughout America.

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Glorious Things Are Said Of Him

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here? Yay! I love Thanksgiving and beginning on Monday I am going to rerun last year’s three-part series I did on Thanksgiving based off of a 2002 article I wrote. I’ll of course update it to reflect what has happened in the past year, but I think it is important to have a heart of thankfulness; actually it is required of us. God inhabits the praises of His people:

    “But You are holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel.” (Psalm 22:3)

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You Are God Alone

I so love how the Holy Spirit works. This morning I awoke with the song “You Are God Alone” by one of my all time favorite Christian groups Phillips, Craig and Dean. We sang this song in church last Sunday. The chorus goes like this:

    You are God alone
    From before time began
    You were on Your throne
    Your are God alone
    And right now
    In the good times and bad
    You are on Your throne
    You are God alone

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Who Speaks For You?

Last night at a website I watched part one of a three part interview that Oprah Winfrey did yesterday with Sarah Palin. The thing that struck me the most about Sarah’s interview was what she said about how Team McCain handled her. These “advisers” and “consultants” all seemed to know what was best for Sarah; they kept telling her to keep on message. She said she never really knew what the message was.

It seems in the political arena today that Madison Avenue has more bearing on our candidates than does Main Street. The message writers and handlers tend to carry more authority than do the candidates. As I was thinking about that I remembered the first chapter of a powerful little book titled The Leadership Lessons of Jesus by Bob Briner and Ray Pritchard.

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My Shining Star

This morning I woke up with this chorus running through my mind:

    Honey, you are my shining star
    Don’t you go away
    Wanna be right here where you are
    Until my dying day

The chorus is from the song “Shining Star” by an old Motown group The Manhattans. I couldn’t understand why that chorus was so ingrained into my brain and so I figured the Lord wanted me to write about it.

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Confronting The Spin On The Fort Hood Massacre

Folks, if you remember the coverage of the Fort Hood shootings, you saw a media, including FOXNews with Shepard Smith primarily, refusing to call the attack was it was.

Well there is a new media outlet that some of you are very familiar with because my late son Eddie’s articles were published there as have many of mine.

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Truth Goes Begging

Many opponents of man in the White House accuse him of being a liar. I happen to agree with this; the proof is there for all to see. It always has been. The media have ignored it; much of the Republican Party has ignored it; conservative talk shows have skirted the issue, particularly his lack of long-form birth certificate. Chairman of the National Black Republican Association Frances Rice writes:

    “From the moment he stepped onto the national stage to campaign for the presidency, Obama has consistently lied to the American people in order to convince us to trust him with our economic and national security. Since becoming our president, he has betrayed that trust.”

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Somewhat Cleverer Than Before

Billy Graham once said the ninety-five percent of Christians live spiritually defeated lives. That means only 1 out of 20 Christians are living spiritually victorious lives. How can that be? A number of things can cause our defeat; me, the world, and that old wily devil Lucifer. As my pastor is wont to say, “Satan is the best devil there is.”

So if Satan is our great adversary, how is it that he can get a foothold into our lives if we know he is the Enemy? He’s clever and he tries to use the things closest to us to knock us off the path of righteousness. We should not be surprised by this; he did it with Jesus:

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Here’s To The Heroes

Long before my son Sergeant Eddie Jeffers ever wrote his now famous “Hope Rides Alone”; long before he breathed his last breath on that Iraqi desert floor and was welcomed into the arms of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; he was my hero.

He was my hero because the day before he left for his first tour in Iraq I asked him if he was sure of what he was about to do and he looked at me with an intensity and masculinity I did not recognize in my son and he told me, “Dad, this is my generation’s fight.”

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The Awesomeness Of God’s Presence

Last night we lost power during Tropical Storm Ida, right in the middle of Monday Night Football! So I did what any good husband would do; I immediately set up the generator so I could plug in our refrigerator because I had no idea how long the power would be out. Oh yeah, and I plugged in the television, surround sound, and my TiVo box, never mind I almost broke my television by dropping it. Hey, why not use the electrical power…it was available after all?!

When the power came back on I realized how convenient it is to have power from the electric company. Everything had power! Of course I can hire an electrician to wire my power box to allow me to hook my generator directly to it and run most things other than the AC and washer machine, but to have unlimited power is to have real power. Not too mention I don’t have to fill the generator with fuel (and bring back not so fond memories of me as a junior enlisted soldier on maneuvers).

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By Faith They Accept Their Lot

Today my precious grandson Benjamin is 10 months old. That little boy completely owns his Grampy. He is growing so fast!

Even though he is becoming such a big boy, he is totally dependent upon his wonderful Mommy and Daddy. They lovingly meet his every need and he completely trusts them to do so. That made me think of a passage from the New Testament:

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I Can Never Be Thrown Away

You have all by now heard of the tragic shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. This vicious attack once again displays the brevity of life and the depravity of man. How can we Americans be secure if those serving our nation in the armed forces are not even safe on a military base? How do we make sense out of such a senseless act of violence?

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