Not That We Might Condemn Others

When we judge someone it is not to pronounce a sentence upon their spirituality but to discern it and learn best how to minister to that person. Some people are not fit to answer in the same way Jesus refused to answer King Herod. If we consider God’s word as holy and precious then we will be wise in how we use it. This is what Jesus speaks of when He says:

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The Great Care Of Your Life

I absolutely love this commercial:

The singer by the way is Ray LaMontaigne and the CD is “Trouble”.

Now why would that dog be worrying; he has the Life of Riley (look it up young people!).

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Not Worthy To Be Compared With

If you could identify the number one illness which ails the American Church, what would that be? Immediately what comes to mind is materialism, or what some would describe as idolatry or covetousness. The level of materialism in the pulpits and the pews across this land is nothing less than putrefying.

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