Stopped Loving God

At a recent men’s Bible study, we had split up into small prayer groups when one of the gentlemen in my group said that he had once fallen out of love with God. I told my group I once believed that is what happened, but in actuality we stop loving God.

When someone falls out of love with another, that relationship is usually over. This is how so many divorces happen. However, if a person has stopped loving another, they’ve allowed their love to grow dormant, and that can be rekindled with purposeful effort.

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Finish What He Started

Giving up in life has become the new easy. If something becomes too hard, we just quit and move on to the next great adventure or idea. A trail of unfinished products and projects are strewn behind us like a pathway of defeat and misery. If things don’t go our way, we just find a new way. Abandonment is how we deal with setbacks.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t give up on us so easy? Imagine if God saw my behavior and said, “That’s it David, I can’t take this relationship anymore! You’ve failed me one time too many.” Now, if God was like that He would have given up on me some thirty years ago. Thankfully our God is abundantly gracious and merciful. I love the chorus from the MercyMe song “Finish What He Started:”

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Recognizing Love Again

Recognizing Love AgainYesterday I was meditating on a bible lesson I had taught the previous night about failure. I sensed a great spirit of hurt in my group, some of it visible on faces.

It occurred to me that some in the room had been hurt while in love. Failing at love can cause you to never want to love again. The hurt can be so devastating that you imagine never recovering. A part of you does not want to recover because it means giving up. That’s only half-true; you may be moving on from a love lost forever, but you’ve not given up on love.

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Being Missed When You’re Gone

goodbyeWill you be missed when you’re gone? I’m not necessarily talking about when you die, although that is something we all face. However, sometimes life brings us new adventures and we have to move to a new location to begin a new career. The military is very familiar with this lifestyle. As a matter of fact, our church is impacted by this every year. We lose some 14% of our membership because of job reassignment, the majority being military. Thankfully our church growth is around 17-18% annually so we have a net growth rate every year.

We are facing this once again in a couple of days. My dear brother-in-Christ Eddie Austria, his lovely bride Nadine, and their four precious children will be moving to Korea. Karen and I have had the great honor and privilege of serving in children’s ministry with this godly couple twice in the last couple of years. I love Brother Eddie and am going to miss him. There’s a special place in my heart for his son Nalu. I always love rubbing his hair, poor little guy.

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Makes Men Forget All Pity

GoodEvilLast night I presented this question to my social media followers and blog email list:

    “What does the Bible think about social issues? Is it inclusive and welcoming? Is it concerned with limiting its ability to attract young people and others, including many women, who agree with the Bible on some but not all issues?”

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Despairing Of Everyone

Aletheia is a Greek philosophical word that means truthfulness that corresponds to reality. This means we can trust Biblical, aletheia, truth because it is true and it is real. It is undeniable. Do people deny this truth? Of course, but it does not make it any less true.

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The Sufficiency of Faith

I pray this devotional finds that all of you had a wonderful weekend and went to church on Sunday. I apologize for not finishing this up on Friday, but it was my birthday and I just took the whole day off. It was a wonderful birthday weekend thanks primarily to my lovely bride Karen and to so many well-wishers.

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The Message They Wanted To Hear

If we have the Bible and endless commentaries, commentaries that are solid in their exegesis, then how is it that so many are led astray? How can we have a solid track record of Biblical Christianity where the truth has reigned and yet false teachers can rise up? How is it possible for a man such as Rob Bell to be the “hottest” preacher in America and to have a widely received blasphemous book? Because it is prophetic and the Apostle Peter warned us nearly two thousands years ago:

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