A Creeping Coup d’etat

When our constitutional rights are violated by our elected officials and those in the judiciary do not support and defend our Constitution, we have what is described by John Haskins of the Underground Journal “a creeping coup d’etat.”

Listen to this enlightening interview of John on Steve Deace’s “Deace in the Afternoon” on WHO Newsradio 1040. Just click on the banner below.

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Being a Salty Saint

I’ve been calling for the 3R’s to rescue our nation: 1) reeducation; 2) revival; and 3) revolution.

The first part, reeducation must come from parents teaching their children the truth abou the founding of our great nation. It must come from Christians understanding “Our American Christian Heritage”.

And it must come with sound biblical preaching and teaching from our pulpits across America of the type the late Dr. Adrian Rogers preached.

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Interview with Buzz Patterson

Many thanks to Ken Walsh, aka “Grouchy” of “The Wake Up Call” at WFTW NewsTalk 1260 in Fort Walton Beach.

    Ken Walsh
    Ken Walsh

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Simply Abolished Your Right

    …the Supreme Court’s cases involving the religion clauses are hopelessly complicated and riddled with inconsistent conclusions. But there is one conclusion we can draw: The Supreme Court has simply abolished your right to the free exericse of your religion in public. And unless the courts are called to account on this, religious freedom in this country is seriously damaged.
    (Mark Levin, Men in Black, pgs. 35-36)

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Wednesday Readings

My apologies to Steve Deace for missing his outstanding column on WorldNetDaily over the weekend. Steve’s excellent article titled “Lutherans: Time to drop out” is a must read.

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A Godley Morning

Okay I am not being sacreligous with my spelling of the word “Godley.” I had the great privilege and pleasure of being on Rick Godley’s “The Godley Morning Show” on “The Hill” 100.9 FM to talk about my blog post “Some Day Is Here.”

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Some Day Is Here

    The hymn broke off with a flurry of sour notes and squeaking horns, and I looked up to see our minister of music being restrained by a uniformed police officer…Before Pastor Ron could get to the pulpit to ask what was going on, he, too, was forcibly restrained and hauled from the sanctuary by a team of officers. Fear and confusion rippled through the audience, and those who tried to run out the exits found them blocked by police…

    …Do you see why I said it wasn’t my fault? Do you understand why I wanted to tell you the whole story of that awful week so that you wouldn’t get the wrong idea?

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Public Option Under the Bus

It seems as though the Obama Administration realizes that they cannot pass a healthcare reform bill with the public option it wanted.

Today on CNN’s “State of the Union” Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathlenn Sebelius said that the public option is not essential to Obama’s desires to overhaul the current healthcare system.

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The Right Sailing of the Human Fleet

How could Nancy Pelosi falsely accuse Americans, who exercise their free speech rights, of carrying swastikas to town hall meetings implying they are Nazis? Why is the man sitting in the Oval Office more divisive than any in the history of our country? What has caused the political discourse, on both sides of the political spectrum, to become so rabid union thugs, police officers, and volunteers are attending town hall meetings to provide “security”?

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Correction to Cash for Clunkers

I know some of my readers give the Snopes website zero credibility because of their stance on the Barack Obama Birth Certificate issue.

It is true that Barbara and David Mikkelson, the proprieters of snopes.com, do maintain liberal leanings and their blog site disparaged my dead son.

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