I am gripping my chair so I will not become uncontrollably hysterical. It is becoming more difficult each day as I read another article from a – ahem – conservative pundit about the Barack Obama birth certificate controversy.

The latest pundit, J.R. Dunn, equates the controversy with fluoridation, Dr. Strangelove, and shooting ourselves in the foot and handing the gun to the liberal media. Well it went something like that; you can read the article “Birthers damage conservatism.”

Mr. Dunn’s “uncontrollable hysteria” description is insulting and incorrect. Random House Dictionary defines hysteria as “an uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear, often characterized by irrationality, laughter, weeping, etc.” That means birthers have an uncontrollable, uncontrollable outburst of…well you get the meaning.

This is not the feeling of the “birthers” I know.

There is, however, unbelievable hesitation on the part of some conservative punditry “to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Perhaps they have never taken an oath to do so? If they have, it would be helpful to us who take that oath as solemn if our scoffers could highlight the other parts of the Constitution, along with Article II, Sec. 1, we should ignore.

And we “birthers” do not want a “do-over.” That is the liberal media’s explanation.

Mr. Dunn’s convenient yet vacuous explanation for Obama’s mishandling of the birth certificate issue does not explain why Obama will not release his long-form birth certificate and the million dollars he has spent protecting files and records all past presidents have released. These actions make our “concern with the birth certificate” all the more “justified.”

Mr. Dunn patronizingly describes the birther obsession as “the yearning for a Hollywood ending” of Obama leaving the White House. This miscalculation has caused the crux of the problem for our cowering conservative pundits. Mr. Dunn writes:

    The conservative movement is being held up for ridicule by the likes of Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews, and Anderson Cooper.

In the words of Colonel Kurtz, “the horror!”

The only imaginably worse scenario is Keith Olbermann joins in the ridicule!

Worse than that we birthers are giving Obama and his leftist minions “an opportunity to label his opposition as wackballs and fanatics.”

Guilty! It is common knowledge that conservatives have not been labeled as such since the 1950’s. In fact, liberals have shown conservatives a level of decorum approaching sainthood.


Defenders of the Constitution do not have a misplaced frustration “based on the premise that Obama is invulnerable.” It is based on the premise that the Constitution is inviolable.

Mr. Dunn’s description of “the cowardice of Democratic reps unwilling to meet their constituents” is not unlike the cowardice of some conservatives unwilling to defend the Constitution.

I know many Americans have concerns about a constitutional crisis. I appreciate Mr. Dunn’s frankness, but I want the truth on this issue wherever it leads. I want the Constitution defended; the very document my son “gave the last full measure” on an Iraqi desert floor defending.

If the birth certificate proves Obama is not a natural born citizen and he does not resign, the Democratic leadership should do what Barry Goldwater did with Nixon; tell him it is time to resign. If not, then Obama will be a lame duck president, the Democrats will be exposed and thoroughly embarrassed as they deserve.

There would be questions about the legitimacy of Vice President Joe Biden becoming president, but to avoid the constitutional crisis, a President Biden, with a Republican House of Representatives (on the heels of the 2010 midterm election turnover coming), would help America limp along into 2012.

Then “We the People” will demand that the Constitution be defended with the public release of long form birth certificates of all presidential hopefuls…before the primaries.

That would be worth the energy and effort.

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