So much has gone on and I’m way behind; brutal week of graduate studies with midterms. The Lord was good though and I passed! I need to catch you up on things though.

As you all know, last week was probably one of the lowest moments in US military history. First, a true American hero, General David Petraeus, was scandalously smeared by, the New York Times, and congressional Democrats, with a few RINOs mixed in for good measure (thank you Chuck Hagel). We need to call all our US Representative and Senators and say we will no longer tolerate such shameless behavior towards a true American Hero. Please use every possible means to voice your complete with not only your elected officials, but also Senator Harry Reid, all the Democratic candidates, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Please remember to me polite, no hatred or vitriol.

We have to come to the defense of the military because they cannot defend themselves, and the GOP is doing a mediocre job of it. Let’s rally around the troops!