My heart is soaring! I just got off the phone with my sister Theresa Price and she is truly in the middle of God’s work.

Theresa has struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of her adult life and as her testimony reveals, it has devastated her life. She’s been in and out of different rehab centers and yet she would succumb to the demons.

Praise God she has finally made it to The Father’s House. No, I mean she is literally living and working at a wonderful ministry known as The Father’s House. She has been there almost one year and is now serving as an intern and is a women’s recovery house leader.

Located in the South Oroville, California, The Father’s House is truly being Salt and Light. As their wonderful website says, “South Oroville is a region that is marked with poverty, drug abuse, hopelessness and despair. Over the past 9 years The Father’s House Church has had a massive role in transforming this region. It has active children’s, youth, drug recovery, elder care and homeless ministries.”

My pastor always says that God will turn misery into ministry and that is exactly what is happening in my sister’s life and the lives of many. I am so proud of her and thankful for Steve and Vicki Orsillo for giving their lives and their livelihood to this wonderful ministry.

In my book in the chapter on economics, I wrote, “It is clear that government dependence needs to end. For this to happen, two steps must be taken. First, able-bodied adults receiving government assistance need to be forced to find work and to make themselves more employable through training. Second, churches and faith-based organizations must take a more active role in providing assistance. The church should not only meet the physical and emotional needs of the community, but also provide spiritual and moral counseling.”

Well hallelujah The Father’s House is doing what God designed the church to be, a place of healing and growth right in the center of its community.

As is the case with all ministry, The Father’s House incurs massive costs and the Orsillo Family is footing much of the bill themselves. I’m asking all of you to search your hearts and your wallets and make whatever donation you can afford. Please understand nothing is too small and if we all give what we can, we will be able to help such a wonderful place.

Thanks once again for allowing me to presume upon your kindness and generosity in sharing this story with you and this wonderful opportunity to bless this ministry.

God bless!

In Christ
Ps. 37:4