Hey Everyone!

You may be thinking that I’ve given up on my 5-part series, “Reviving the Republicans,” but I’ve been sitting back to see what House Democrats would do in their “first 100 hours” and how the Senate responds. I’ve also made some observations about the “Mini-Me RINOs” that the Dems have on a leash with a big lollipop in their (RINOs) hands. You getting my drift?

The main reason for this post is that there is an outstanding article on Human Events Online written by Stephanie Dube titled, “The Next MoveOn.org?” It is about my dear friend and founder of TheVanguard.org, Rod Martin. Please take a moment to read it and get to know Rod better; I learned some things about him I did not know. The heartbeat of TheVanguard.org is to be the antidote to MoveOn.org and we at TheVanguard.org are working hard to mobilize an army of conservatives to stand in the gap.

Thanks for your time and be looking here in a couple of days for me to post Part 4 of “Reviving the Republicans.” If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to receive RSS feeds for the entries and comments that are posted on “Salt and Light” and you will automatically receive an email notifying you. God bless!

Dave Jeffers


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