Well, it finally happened and the response has been nothing less than interesting. Some are very happy that Fred Thompson has announced his candidacy for President. Some are peeved that Fred did this on Jay Leno’s show, a mere comedian. Some think Fred is nothing more than some B Movie Actor trying to rain on the parade of the other GOP contenders after they did all the hard work. Most liberals are scared to death that he will win the nomination.

No matter your opinion of Fred Thompson, may I ask one favor of all of you? Please do your homework. Before you either jump on the bandwagon or throw rotten eggs as it passes by, make that move after you know why you’re doing it!

Most of the complaints I hear about Fred is coming from inside the media bubble, both liberal and conservative. He has been accused of having a terrorist coddling campaign director in Spencer Abraham (which is not true nor has it ever been true) to his being soft on immigration and not supporting the GOP platform.

The amazing part is if you dig just below the surface, you find out some amazing facts. Most times when Fred opposed certain “conservative” issues, it was based on his federalist beliefs. He opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment because of it. And you know what? He’s right! We don’t need another amendment to the constitution we just need morally courageous legislators to pass laws that restrict the judiciary from acting on such litigation. They can actually do that, but they would have to willing to withstand the firestorm that would surely come from the Left and mainstream media. But if we the people get behind them, well we’ve already proved what that looks like with the immigration fight last May.

Please do your homework. Visit not only Fred Thompson’s website, but visit all the candidates’ websites, including and especially the Democratic candidates. Colonel Oliver North wrote in a column a couple of years ago: “Sun Tzu taught to ‘know your enemy’ before going into battle. For if ‘you know your enemy and know yourself,’ he wrote, “you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.’ But, Sun Tzu warned, ‘If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

The GOP was defeated in 2006 because it did not know the other side, but also because it did not know its own supporters. I say we get reacquainted with everyone.