(Hat tip to Gregg Jackson for this video link)


Today was Tax Day and National Tea Party Day. Anyone know what this Friday is? I’ll let the video producer tell you:

    The “Day of Silence”, sponsored by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will take place Friday, April 17th in schools across the nation. Participating teachers and students are told to remain silent during class time to protest discrimination and bullying felt by students who believe they are gay and/or transgender.

    It is our firm opinion that these claims of discrimination, intolerance and bullying (aimed at people of faith who believe God’s Word that homosexuality is sin) are diverting attention away from GLSEN’s main purpose which has been and continues to be the normalization of homosexuality among impressionable youth.

    This 6 minute video, made by a Bible believing church here in Illinois, exposes how our children are being indoctrinated, held captive and forced to accept an unproven and dangerous ideology while Biblical Truth is undermined.

Please pass this far and wide and call your local school board on Thursday to see if this indoctrination is being conducted at your local schools. If it is find out which board members support it and let them know that beginning tomorrow you are starting a campaign to remove them from office or at least see them defeated in the next election. Do not allow your school board to get away with this!


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