My friend and brother in Christ John Haskins has once again written something that invaded my comfort zone. If you are a regular reader of my blog you’re familiar with John’s no-nonsense approach to the aletheia truth of the gospel.

Some of you may find his email below disturbing and maybe even offensive; if so do me a favor…

…ask yourself why.

Here is the email in its entirety and unedited:

    Tonight I overheard a lengthy and loud argument between one of my tenants, a very attractive girl about 20 years old who lives on the other side of my house, and her girlfriend. It became clear — to my surprise and real disappointment — that they had been “dating” each other, etc. as lesbians. They were arguing about why they are no longer “dating.” One of them, (I think it was the pretty one) said adamantly that she did not want the people at work to know they’d been lovers. The other responded angrily “why?” While the first did not say so, perhaps she did not want to be known as a “lesbian,” possibly (I thought) so that she could retain her options with boys.

    I had met her parents and had no idea she is into lesbianism at age 20. I wonder if her parents know? Or care? It is so sad. Yet as I heard them arguing they actually sounded more rational, more honest, more mature and less delusional about themselves than most of the “Christians” I know, including most pastors, pro-life activists, and pro-family “leaders.” I really mean that in absolute sincerity.

    Multiple times in the last couple of years I received inquiries from lesbians interested in renting my apartment. Some mentioned their “wives” or “partners” openly. I’ve also had men come to see the apartment who seemed obviously homosexual. But they actually seemed a bit more masculine and seemed more healthy overall than most of the “Christian” men I know, including pastors, pro-life activists, and pro-family “leaders.” Again, I really mean this in absolute sincerity. I’m notexaggerating.

    In the last year I came to realize that it is entirely possible for “Christians” to be so self-centered, so dishonest, so greedy, so prideful, so materialistic, so manipulative, so cowardly, so passive-aggressive, so dysfunctional that they are more unhealthy than the average homosexual man or lesbian. This is an extremely strange and sad thing to wake up to, especially when it includes most of the wimpy pastors that you know and your own family members.

    I am sad to say, that my experiences in the decade since I returned from living in Europe for eight years have convinced me that we may have already passed that point in the corruption of the “church.”

    It would be wonderful to be convinced that I’m wrong. But I believe that would be wishful thinking. There are many indications (including statistical research) that in the last twenty years the percentage of girls and women drawn into lesbianism and bisexuality by pornography and the purported “chic-ness” of recreational lesbianism has risen to a number many times what it was earlier. But today the Church has no answer at all to such tectonic changes in human behavior and radical destruction of normalcy because the Church has no answer to its own behavior, no grip on Biblical normalcy and only the faintest clue about its own desperate condition.

    Even back around the mid-1990’s many godly men like Leonard Ravenhill had concluded that the conventional lifestyle of American “Christianity” is simply incompatible with following Jesus and that perhaps only 2 or 3 percent of those who think they are “Christians” are the real thing.

    We’re still asking God to fix the Barbarians, or somehow thwart their evil plans to take our toys, beat us up and make us cry. But here and there prophets are giving us God’s answer: “But I’m the one who called in the Barbarians… to fix you, to thwart your plans. This is called an ‘intervention.’ I want them to take your toys, beat you up and make you cry. You are spiritually destitute, blind and naked. … Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.” (Rev. 3:14)

    It is a bit of a shock to hear 20-year-old lesbians in the midst of a painful fight who sound more mature, more honest, and less phony than most Christians I know when they are at their very, very best, even in church.

    “Christians” aren’t normal anymore, as far as I can tell. “Just Give Me Jesus,” as the song goes. He’s the only thing the Barbarians can never take away.


I would make one comment; the scriptural reference Rev 3:14 should not be attributed to the preceding words as the address; those are John’s words and I believe he is relating them to Jesus’ words to the Laodicean church beginning in Rev 3:14 and ending at verse 22.

Beloved it is so obvious that we are just playing church and if the late Leonard Ravenhill’s words are true, as I believe they are, then that means only 1 out of 10 people who claim to be Christians are biblically saved.

And if so, what does that mean to the church?

First, are you truly saved?

Second, what of your “Christian” friends? Are they showing the scriptural fruit of a born again believer?

Is your pastor responsible for the false security of his flock?

There is much at stake, nothing less than eternity.

This is no game…

…you better be ready.

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