My apologies for not posting Part 2 of my analysis of the Deace/Minnery interview for a week instead of a day. I was blessedly busy with revival this week and the Lord Jesus Christ was greatly exalted and I am renewed glory to God! And that makes the work and focus of this blog to be more committed to the Truth regardless of political pragmatism or cultural convenience.

Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family

Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family

Tom Minnery makes the point that because a politician is 99% on the side of life, then it is okay to allow 1% of the babies to be killed, kinda of like saving 99 of the 100 people in a burning house knowing you can’t save the one. That is a ridiculous notion, one which I ashamedly admit to once holding, and Steve calls him on it. Steve turns the tables and says it is actually giving someone permission to kill 100 babies as long as I can take 99 of them.

That ridiculous and evil thought pattern would have allowed over half a million babies to be killed since Roe v Wade. Do you really believe God is okay with that type of political pragmatism and ask yourself this; how has that worked out for the last 35 years? Nearly 50 million dead babies is what has happened.

Steve Deace

Steve Deace

Now I want you to really listen because at about the 3:38 – 3:45 mark my young brother Steve Deace asks a question of Tm Minnery that sends him reeling. Here’s the question:

    “Is there a biblical mandate or biblical precedent that you can find for defining the lesser of two evils”

Because Mr. Minnery knows he is had, he goes on the offensive and challenges Steve as though Steve considers himself superior. Now they somewhat talk over each other and Steve regrets this, but I think it only shows where the generational and ideological gaps exist within the pro-family/life movement specifically and with the conservative movement in general.

Steve goes on to wonderfully assess what the Word calls us to be; righteous people. Now Mr. Minnery’s response to Steve’s proposal is to overlook the biblical mandate and advance that being an American citizen is at least as important as being a citizen of heaven. He calls out the political pragmatist’s Romans 13 trump card as though that is a compromising Christian’s get out of jail card. I seriously doubt that the Apostle Paul would be saying after hearing this exchange, “Steve you’re wrong, Tom has it right.” I may be wrong; you decide.

The interview ends with Tom Minnery asking Steve a question and we will hear Steve’s answer in Part 3 on Monday. In light of Resurrection Sunday tomorrow I ask you to ponder Mr. Minnery’s question because American Christendom has already answered in favor of Mr. Minnery’s position.

And look where it has brought us to today.

Part 2 of Steve’s interview with Tom Minnery

Also be sure to read Steve’s latest article at World Net Daily about the same-sex marriage fiasco in his home state of Iowa. This is a must read and please make sure you send it to everyone, especially your pastors, family, friends, and all levels of elected officials.


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