Go ahead and use your favorite search engine and search, “The stem cell debate is dead” and see what comes up. Lots of coverage by the MSM and cable news networks? Um no!

You will see the story in the below video being coverage by The Jewish Journal, a forum commenter’s post at the Austin (TX) Chronicle, and several blog posts, but nothing about this astounding revelation in the news. Dr. Mehmet Oz, while on the Oprah Winfrey Show with Michael J. Fox, said that stem cell research will not work and that a much better and non-destructive method will bring a cure within single digit years.

Doesn’t that sound like amazing news? And it’s not like it was buried on some podunk local TV show; it was on OPRAH WINFREY!!!!!

This just reinforces my belief that most supposedly proponents of embryonic stem cell research are more about negating the embryo as life then they are a cure. After all, if we start believing that an embryo is life then that means life begins at conception and that type of knowledge actually isn’t above our pay grade.


(Hat tip to Sherri Martin for posting this on her Facebook page)


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