Do you like magic? I was always fascinated at trying to figure out how the magician did his or her tricks. Well, I have three videos that are unrelated except for they explain three mysteries that have baffled many.

The first is an actual magic trick performed by the infamous Penn and Teller:

I’m sure magicians appreciate that!

Next, let’s look at how bird strikes can actually take down a plane and be lucky enough to have an experienced pilot to land it in the Hudson River.

Now Bill O’Reilly questions if a bird strike can actually take out a plane’s engine. On January 27, 2009 Mr. O’Reilly said the following:

    You have one plane and the engines stall in mid-air and then the pilots reignite the engines and it proceeds down to Charlotte, North Carolina, from LaGuardia and lands safely. Two days later, the same plane crashes because the engines stall. Now I know about the geese and the ducks and everything else, but that’s a coincidence that I can’t — I just can’t say oh, ok, you know?

That’s real nice Bill; let’s get the conspiracy nuts rolling because the pilots, the NTSB, and US Airways would all have to be a part of the conspiracy. That would be some trick Bill! Okay, so now we have two areas that Mr. O’Reilly has proved himself a moron: economics and aviation.

Now for the greatest magic trick ever performed by man or worse yet, the Beltway Bozos.

So it is not magic after all. Gee, if I outspend my revenue, what would happen if I just printed my own money?


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