I want to share two outstanding websites with you that are going to become permanent links to “Salt and Light.” The first you’re going to recognize and the second you will rejoice over.

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has an excellent blog titled, you guessed it, Tom Delay.com. If you love Congressman DeLay’s wit as House Majority Leader, you going to really enjoy him as a blogger. I had the honor of meeting him and then listening to his speech at this year’s NFRA Ronald Reagan Awards Banquet in St. Louis (see what you missed!). I am also in the middle of reading his fine book (which he personally signed!) and it is a page turner. Just hit the image below to get your copy.

No Retreat, No Surrender

The second website that will have you rejoicing is Vets for Freedom. Thanks to my most devoted reader Carolyn for providing me with their link. I’m not going to comment on their website other than to say it’s about time and we all need to get behind these wonderful vets. Please visit their website by hitting the link below.

Vets for Freedom

Pass the word to your family and friends about these two great websites by sending them to my blog! Thanks for all you do and for being Salt and Light.