Have you ever wondered why the Democrats have a donkey as their mascot? Well, it’s not officially their mascot, but since the days of Andy Jackson, they’ve shown an affinity for the beast of burden. It seems that Old Hickory’s stubbornness caused some to think of him as a jack*** and he actually liked the representation. The whole history of this befitting symbol can be found at The Democratic Party website. (The only thing of substance on their website)

We used to have a saying that if someone had done or said something stupid that they had their donkey ears on. Now I know Senator Barack Obama is sensitive about his ears, but he’s definitely wearing a pair since yesterday. In case you missed it, here’s a clip of his latest braying:

Isn’t that just special?! The only thing our US troops have been doing in Afghanistan since October 2001 is “just air-raiding villages and killing civilians.” Hmmm…what do you actually say to something like this? Obviously, the young Senator’s inexperience in military affairs is showing, but the most revealing thing is his political calculation. If he was such a man of character as his supporters are trying to portray him, well he would have come out today and immediately apologized for his incredibly stupid remark. And I’m saying that is exactly how he should have said it.

This ridiculous comment already has dust on it and now Mitt Romney’s campaign (not him actually, some mouthpiece) has come out with a statement. When will these silly politicians learn to immediately fess up when they mess up instead of being surrounded by handlers trying to figure out the best way to deal with something. Hey Senator Obama! There’s only a couple of explanations for this type of statement from you; you either believe what you said or you made a terrible mistake but you’re not willing to come out and admit it. Well presidential wannabe, either is unacceptable. You leave that egg on your face much longer and it’s gonna dry in place.

I’m surprised that Hillary or John Edwards didn’t pounce on this, but since they’re both beholden to the Looney Left, they’re both probably huddled with their handlers trying to figure out the best way to deal with this. I tell you, politics is in a sad state of affairs right now.

Well, let’s just see how this all plays out and I’ll comment on more of the presidential poppycock later. I will be appearing tomorrow on Greg Allen’s The Right Balance from 9:50 -10:00 am Central Time. Go to Greg’s website to listen to it live or for replay times.

Have a great night and be blessed!