“There once was a man named Vitter / Who vowed that he wasn’t a quitter / But with stories of women / And all of his sinnin’ / He knows his career’s in the — oh, nevermind.”
A limmerick delivered by Senator John Kerry at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser on Nantucket last weekend.

Well it seems as though John Kerry can actually tell a joke, distasteful as it is. This little ditty went over so well it is reported that “the whole room was in stitches.”

Now remember, this comes from a man who “botched up” a joke when he denigrated our troops for being too stupid to get a college education. So I am supposed to believe that although in both arenas where he was using prepared remarks, he was unable to deliver a joke about our troops to students at Pasadena City College but knocked ’em dead in Nantucket.

Okay, this is twice in three days that I’ve had to write about the junior senator from Massachusetts. I thought I was done with him after the elections and when I wrote about him in the New Media Journal.