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Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes

Thought for Today

As many of you know, I am party to one of the lawsuits seeking evidence that would help to establish, one way or the other, whether Obama in fact meets the U.S. Constitution’s eligibility requirements for the office of President of the United States. To understand my view of the critical issues involved see the WND articles (The End of the Constitutional Republic, and Obama, Oaths and the End of Constitutional Government.) Now Obama’s lawyers have filed a motion to quash our effort to obtain the relevant documents (cf. Bob Unruh’s WND article Sanctions sought in eligibility case.) I am told that it includes a demand that monetary penalties be assessed against me and the other plaintiffs in the suit. Though not unexpected, this motion confirms Obama’s ruthless determination to destroy anyone who continues to seek the information the Constitution requires. Why should they demand penalties against citizens who are simply seeking the enforcement of the Supreme Law of the Land? It is simply because their persistence runs contrary to the will of a supposedly popular demagogue? This smacks of tyrannical arrogance. That Obama thus signals his intent to bring financial ruin on those who won’t accept his cover-up of the circumstances of his birth is a tactical escalation. It confirms the common sense suspicion that he won’t act forthrightly in this matter because he has something to hide.

As one of the targets of this escalation, I need no more convincing proof of the ruthless disposition so far successfully masked by his empty rhetoric of hope and change. Obviously he means to offer hope only to those willing to surrender their most basic rights. To any who insist on questioning his actions, he offers the drastic change of ruin and destruction. So be it. We shall be among those who learn firsthand the meaning of the sacrifices made by the Founders of our free republic, as they pledged and gave up their lives, their fortunes and the world’s esteem.

To tell you the truth, I expected Obama’s ruthlessness, as I expect that it will escalate until his threats extend to liberty and even life itself. Tyrants are like that (yeah, they are.) What I am not so certain of is the disposition of the people of this country, and in particular of those who still avow allegiance to the Constitutional Republic. For all their posturing in opposition to Obama’s socialist schemes, Republican Party leaders show no disposition to notice, much less decry, his determination to subvert the Constitution. But does the self-serving reticence of such so-called leadership truly represent the disposition of the people whose sovereignty they seem so ready to abandon? In politics as in war, real leadership does not consist in titles and position, but in those willing to stand in the forefront of the battle, where taunts and wounds and even death await the ones who raise a rallying flag. The fate of that flag depends, however, not on their willingness to brave the dangers, but on the courage and heart of those who, seeing that flag, return with renewed courage to the fight. Though they not know not if it will stand or fall, will they decide that either way it should not meet its fate without them?

People who have been watching recent events with any discernment must realize by now that, for all his talk of material salvation for the masses, the Obama faction really means to strengthen only those willing to serve in the army of their domineering ambition. Thanks to the phony stimulus package, they will soon have billions of taxpayer dollars with which to nourish this servile allegiance to his will. Including myself, many of the people willing to articulate and act against his overthrow of Constitutional liberty have nothing in their coffers except the grace from God to see a little truth, and the courage to speak it, drawing upon the example of His Son. But time and again in America’s history, a little truth has been sufficient to reach into the reserve of love for God and liberty on tap in the patriot hearts and consciences of those who would be free.

So to my fellow plaintiffs with the courage to stand firm, and to all those who may lose by the price they pay for it, I say keep faith and pray- not so much for yourselves as for the heart and conscience of the good people of your country. Trust that there still burns a candlelight of liberty within them, and a thought for those who would rather be consumed as its wick than surrender to the wickedness that now seeks its destruction.

So to my Obama Mice readers (and you know who you are!), what do you think about the administration that was supposed to be the most transparent in history? Why would the President be hiding his birth certificate and using Chicago Politics Strong-Arm Tactics if he did not have anything to hide?



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