First Sarah Palin endorses John McCain over J.D. Heyworth and now this comment about Mitt Romney:

    “I have a lot of respect for Mitt”

Really Sarah? Perhaps Governor you are unaware of the truth about Mitt Romney:

    1. Illegally instituted sodomy marriage in Massachusetts. (Source)
    That begs the question as to why Romney would do such a thing? He was keeping a promise he had made to the Log Cabin Republicans 10 years earlier.

    2. Signed into law through RomneyCare $50 co-pay abortions. (Source – be sure to listen to the audio) As a side note, the Club for Growth has recently tore into RomneyCare and Slick Mitt’s description of his plan being “the ultimate conservative plan.”

You can read more about Governor Romney from my past posts about him:

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And be sure you take the time to read the Mitt Romney Deception published by Mass Resistance.

If someone has Sarah’s email, please send this to her. I really want to help her out because she claims to not like flip-floppers and RINOs, but Romney is clearly both.

So what gives with Governor Palin?

We’ll look at that in the next day or two…

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