NOTE: Yesterday I promised to post a letter I received from a close brother in Christ and I was not able to do so. Here it is better late than never.

From your devotional:

    “There are many in the faux conservative movement and the Republican Party who clearly and dearly want evangelicals to leave the party, and many have. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to trust in the schemes of man; I’m going to trust in the Lord God Most High”

    “Just as our prayers storm the gates of hell, those who call themselves Christians/evangelicals/values voters should storm the gates of the Republican Party and say we the people are going to implement the party platform even if our elected and party official refuse to do so. We will fire the whole lot of them if need be.”

I did not know I was going to make it into your devotional with my comments to you. Here’s “Chapter 2” of what I’m trying to say to you and your like-minded Christian friends at the national level! Please
bear with me on the length, I always do this when I’m trying to really, really explain myself while making sure I’m not saying stupid things or to make sure something is not understood incorrectly. I hope it makes sense. Even though I’m directing this reply and message to you amigo, feel free to pass it to other like-minded Christians that you correspond with who at this exact time might also feel burdened on what he/she might be led to do.

Here we go:

I see so much potential amongst you all to make a huge difference/impact if somehow the powerful attributes, Christian maturity and national level megaphones you all have could come together with similar objectives, a focus on the problem and in developing strategies and solutions to help turn the poor state of affairs of the Evangelical cause!

The above two paragraphs within your last devotional are exactly what I’m talking about!

The first one talks about a “reality” within our party and the way Evangelicals should think (i.e., “trust in the Lord and nothing else!”). The second one is a “challenge” to us as all that think we fall into
those categories mentioned and the kind of “no nonsense” approach we definitely must employ! No holds barred, we believe in such things and ONLY those candidates that have proven they “live” by those through their actions of the past or present “need apply!”

As Evangelicals, we need to be informed, educated and involved and we need to be able to decipher and confront the so-called leaders of the organizations in question when they are going “against” what
Evangelicals should stand for or support!

You have been doing that boldly and with the Truth, but unfortunately, you alone have no power to put a “dent” on them. However, you have many contacts and individuals upset at the same things so that TOGETHER, you could really put a “50 mile per hour crash like crunch” onto whatever you all were aiming at!

One person (like a small Church) has some power by himself, but, a committed group of individuals joined by a common and focused approach (think Mega Church) multiplies its power tremendously!

Think about this as part of the Great Commission….except the arena of politics is where the efforts would be concentrated and focused on. Christians have a responsibility to be a part of our nation’s political arena. But, we must stay within the bounds of our conviction and the Word even in that corrupt world!

The organizations you confront have gotten lost in that corrupt world in some ways. There are still positives to those organizations though and they may just need a cleansing of sorts and possibly “new blood” committed to the Truth regardless of the consequences. A recommitment of sorts that sometimes we all as Christians need.

The bottom line politically speaking: Evangelicals have ENOUGH numbers to make the difference in many ways! Somehow, since the Moral Majority ceased to be, we have stopped believing that. Why? Because we lost the leadership that we had at that time and yes, many of the so-called
leaders have “sold out.” Thus, the issues of the organizations you mention.

A “Leadership vacuum” exists within the Church and most definitely outside the Church amigo. No denying that!

Why? Because we have gotten away from the Truth and the Word in both places. Because we have become weak and lukewarm in both places. We KNOW and we BELIEVE, but somehow many may not “believe” in a strong enough manner as the Bible commands us to!

It is all about numbers as Rod says, but, we need leaders to bring us together to understand that, to mobilize us again as the Moral Majority did. All with the main objective of ensuring that the fence-sitting, lukewarm fools within our party will know they have “no chance” without us at the National Level and in many states and districts where our numbers do matter. Once potential candidates know that, they will not even run in places where they know our numbers give them no chance. Once God fearing potential candidates know we are strong, more of them will run for office in those same places.

Do you see the “domino effect?”

In the meantime, our leaders (like you), will work tirelessly to do that “educating, informing and motivating” in the many different formats and avenues that are out there to use (i.e., Seminars, columns, establishing “rival” entities to those mentioned if need be, etc.) with a no holds barred message: “We are Evangelicals and we KNOW what we believe in and what kind of human being we need to ‘represent us’ whether it is local, state or national office.”

Nothing can “fight integrity, honesty, sincerity and nothing can fight the Truth and the Word!” If our leaders as individuals or the organizations that may need to be established follow this type of
approach, how can they fail?

What will happen once you and other like-minded Evangelical leaders do this? Those that are running those organizations you always mention will “have to adjust” and/or resign when the coffers start drying up. Bearing in mind that there are some good things those organizations have done in the past and are still doing, the Revived Evangelical Movement is not out to destroy the organizations per say, just to make sure they understand they must lead with the Truth foremost and not as “just
another organization with no moral compass” as most of the non-Christian organizations are.

We as Evangelicals must “be different” and our organizations “must be different” than the secular ones too.

Think about what is happening to the powerful ACORN once it was uncovered and the dishonest ones that supported them had to “run for cover” (this includes Obama for as you know, he was a main participant and supporter of it)? It is now about to disappear (more than likely, in my opinion: it will probably “morph” into a different organization with the same objectives for remember, Libs have no shame!).

Anyway, I will reiterate it, I think you have all the qualities to assume a leadership position in this movement and I believe you have others nationally (Deace, Erik Rush?, I’m sure there’s others) that
should sit together and consider some options to become in some way the Group and Force behind the movement.

NOTE: The above is exactly how I received it in my email. I published it because I feel a prompting of the Lord and yet I am unclear on how to proceed. The evangelical movement undoubtedly needs new leadership. For that matter the term “evangelical” needs to be redefined back to its traditional meaning. That is why I first wrote my book and why I am currently revising, updating, and expanding it into a hardcover version with three new chapters. Please pray that godly men do step forward, from the pulpits and pews, to fill the leadership vacuum.

Thanks and God bless!

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